• It is a domestic terror group. Trey train & organize overseas. The Antifa leader who led the raid on Jan 6th is a professionally training terrorist.

    • Ms Gagnon & Mr Lytch: both of you are tight on target! Very well said.

      I'm not known as a deep thinker but it seems to me that w face in the USA today is an enemy, both external and internal, that so evil - so insidious - that it makes all of our enemies of the 20th& Century combined pale in comparison: The Self-Appointed Elites ...

      In the US the face of this enemy is the Soros-Harris-Biden Regime ... there is no "Biden Administration." There is, instead, a gang consisting of a few hundred people who have decided to divide up the world into fiefdoms ... little chunks ... that they will each get to rule.

      George Soros, as vile as he is, is but the American face of the cabal ... Not even all of his money alone could cause the chaos, damage & havoc we see in our country & around the world today.

      These people are working in concert to bring down every element, institution & vestige of baseline Western Culture as it has evolved in the past 1,000 years & create a new paradigm for their personal wealth & power aggregation, and total dominance over those whom they rule.

      Combining new information management technology with the proven methods of gross intimidation has given us oppressive & controlling social media; social credit scores; BLM, ANTIFA; Proud Boys, Skinhead Neo-Nszis and other destructive elements including a mass media system that pits viewers-listeners-readers against the target audience's own best interest.

      In short, we're on our own. The current, and probably all regimes going forward, are & will be working against us. We will not see actual government action against the thuggish disruptors the cabal has hired to destroy our society.

      Few disruptors will face actual punishment for their crimes, violence & thuggery. None will be banished and, or deported ... even foreign criminal gang members in our country illegally who rape, rob & kill with total abandon ...

      The push to rob us of our guns, basically our only means of defense, must be resisted by all means available ... Never comply. Always resist ...

      And when the thugs come to your town, our town, my town shoot to kill on sight 

    • There are many in this elite cabal group - not just Soros, but Obama's, Bushes, Gates, Clinton's, Rothschilds, Rockefeller's, Zuckenburg, the prime minister of Canada, president of France (who will soon lead the UN), etc. if you really want to see what their agenda is either go to Elberton, Ga or Google it - Georgia Guidestones. The Pandemic, the Satanic vaccine, weather control, etc is all part of their plan. Reduce world population to 750 million and they are well on their way as male sperm production is already down 50% and dropping. Wake up America before it's too late.

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  I WILL NOT COMPLY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!!  I am old and disabled but will fight them as best I can.

    • Jim, you're on target, too. I keep telling everyone the same things but some make excuses by saying that the fraud is really President. We all know why he is not. If that were true, elections don't mean diddly and never have. The will of the people is parmount, no matter what shenanigans the leftists and cowards pull later.


  • History doesn't bode well for those targeted by such fascist groups... the primary reason for such devastation and mass murder is the lack of leadership and support/funding for the conservative targets of such bedlam.  The question becomes will the Patriot groups martial the leadership and funds needed to organize and execute an effective response to the coming STORM?  Given the current level of response by conservatives, the answer is NO... a disappointing and dangerous NO!

    • That is because too many of us don't have the guts to standup to the terrorist and fight back. And who funded us during the American Revolution when England attack us?


    • Exactly Mike....

      The wealthy men of the colonial period financed the revolution against England... many lost all of their wealth and were bankrupted by the effort.  Most were never repaid or prospered from their patriotism and support.  The wealthy men of that age understood that they were but STEWARDS of GODS WEALTH... they were not so focused on their personal aggrandizement as to ignore their duty to those who provided them the opportunity and environment to prosper in.  We are not an island unto ourselves. We are indeed our brother's keeper.

      All ships rise on an incoming tide... and if not properly moored or anchored soon find themselves adrift in an outgoing tide...let us secure our ship of state against the tide of Marxistm... let the wise and the wealthy fortify the nation and secure our ship of state.  Liberty requires social commitment ... it can not stand alone.

  • THIS WILL END when PATRIOTS STAND UP TO THEM!!! IF they block the road, HIT THE GAS!!!

    • Sandra when the liberals block the road we are too afraid to fight back for fear of getting in trouble, or being wrong.

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