• The local Leos and courts are as useless as the People permit them to be. Unlike the Federal government, state and local offices are either recallable, or have appointed office holders that can be removed for cause by those who can suffer recall elections. Do not expect a simple or quick , centralized solution at this point. If so, you will be dissapointed. The People will have to do heavy lifting to achieve government faithful to its mandate (they should never have ceased being focused on it). The electorate might fail to rectify state and local government, but at least they are dignified in the try. Those that claim futility, truly rate the government their lack of commitment reaps. IMHO

      Sorry Herbert, the complaint falls on deaf ears. You, me, and every other American owns this situation.

    • Obama has followed the tactics of Ho Chi Minh...Ho's shadow Government of Viet Cong in the south  with Ho pulling the strings.. Obama has done the same with his formation of a "miliary trained Militia"  in the BLM and Antifa movement... The Viet Cong operated with in the villages and communities as BLM and Antifa do today.. We need another "Phoenix Program" to counter the unamerican cong!

  • The dupes in the Democrat and GOP are subject to finding themselves in the ovens of the Marxist who want to cancel the counter-revolution.  Corporate leaders and the wealthy who support the Marxist insurgency will wake up one day starring into the eyes of their communist executioners.  Such dupes are being used until the consolidation of their power is completed and then the dupes become a target... that is the historic pattern of Marxist insurgencies.  The compliant dupes in the MSM are definitely one of the groups that will be PURGED once the Marxists have consolidated their power.

    • Yes, I believe that is true, but soooooooooooo much damage is done in the interim.

    • Baking the Boobs in the Bolshevist brick-ovens!

      Beautiful baklava, but bruising to society.

      Germany, the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau. .The crematoria ovens Stock Photo, Royalty Free ...

  • Don't stand and take it !!!

  • Broken bones in the field, at the very least, for sedition, insurrection, and treason.

    In standard outcome, prison terms in federal penitentiaries where hardened felons will welcome these special snowflakes in open arms and closed fists.

    I am impatient with the self-entitled, and indignantly ignorant. Lets educate them.


    Then we can move on to the Chinese lackys, and the NWO.


  • Let us put DOJ on defense every time Antifa goes on a burning destroying and killing path let us go after them and see who they will support the terrorize or We the People 

  • How funny!  They want the exact thing that I want for them.  Bring back PRESIDENT TRUMP and let him send in the troops with orders to end them at first provocation!

    • They will just hide in their spider holes like they did when Trump brought out the national guard the last time. They are just cowards when there is a fighting force to confront them. Only brave and dangerous when there is not.

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