• I was just advised FOX news will be airing a program about Obama and his socialist pals before and during his election. I hope so!

  • sleepy joe got the nomination because he was perceived as the most moderate of the other candidates that were running for president. He fooled the voters by running over to the far left further than those he ran against in the beginning. He is the white obama and he is going to get crushed in the general election. You know man. He is a great example of why we need term limits. This is what happens to you when you spend 48 office.
  • Hard to call this a "slip up" when she wrote it out. She's just telling us what she knows

  • Biden is a fool, and a Moron just like Bernie Sanders I will not vote for them.

  • Let everyone understand, it makes not a whit of difference who the democrat candidate is for he will be controlled by the back door filths like Soros and his compatriates. The Marxist cabal leads with its front line, BLM, and when they are met with any opposision by those opposing that Marxist entity then comes their front line bullies, Antifa. They tried that is some areas of Pennsylvania recently and were met by patriots, not passively but with weapons at the ready which led to the bullies being run out of town.

  • 8 more years of that most worthless, useless, lying anti-America piece of shyt, will never happen. The whole world knows what that cesspool bottom scum sucker stands for. He should have been lynched years ago. He and big mike know it's coming.

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