American citizen Tahir Ahmad Naseem, 57, was shot six times and killed in a courtroom in Peshawar, Pakistan, on Wednesday, the New York Times reported.

A 19-year old gunman shot Naseem in a courtroom where the former Illinois resident was being tried on charges of claiming to be a prophet. Video of the shooter circulated widely on social media. The killer, only identified as "Faisal," claimed he had received a command from Muhammad in a dream to kill Naseem.

"He is an enemy of Islam," Faisal said of Naseem in the video. "He is an enemy of Pakistan."

Naseem faced punishment under Pakistan's stringent religious laws, which the Times said are intended to intimidate and silence religious minorities. The penalty for blasphemy ranges from fines to a death sentence. Blasphemy laws in Pakistan—a Sunni Muslim-dominant society—are a sensitive subject within the country. Accused blasphemers are often murdered by mobs before police respond, rights groups say.

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