America, We Are Leaving


This is the hardest thing I have written.

I grew up in a law enforcement family. My father worked his way up to the rank to Captain at the Ft. Smith (AR) Police Department. As I kid I remember going with him on Friday to pick up his check and I was in awe of these super heroes he worked around.

They were funny and fun to be around. Men and women of all races all with the same mission, to make the community safer.

My dad sacrificed a lot and so did my late mother. Whether it was the week long surveillance or wiretap or chasing drug runners across the country, he gave it all for my family and worked plenty of extra details to never let our family be without. Some would call that privilege but where I grew up, it was called hard work.

The kids at school thought it was cool what my dad did and while he sometimes asked me if anyone gave me a hard time, they never did. There was a respect among all….even the kids in shop class.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a cop but one fateful night, as a freshman in college, that all changed.

I went on a ride along and my life’s journey would never be the same.

After four years of college my dad wanted me at an agency that respected that education so I moved to Tulsa (OK) at 21 years old and never looked back.

I didn’t know anyone and all I knew was what I saw my dad do, work hard and treat people with respect. I saw a lot of other cops working hard as well and doing all they could to keep the community safe.

27 years has passed and if you would have told me the condition of law enforcement today, I would have never believed you.

It’s not that law enforcement has changed for the worse but everything around it has.

The mentally ill used to get treatment and now they just send cops. Kids used to be taught respect and now it’s cool to be disrespectful.

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  • To save this country from destroying itself the leadership of the police,  the Military, and President have to get together and take ot back physically.  There's no enforcement of the law. They have to take care of the anarchists or the whole country will be destroyed. God help us.

  • A sad tale of social neglect and the abandonment of our historial moral boundries... our traditions, culture and laws, have all been dramatically and fundamentally transformed... We are no longer a Constitutional Republic or a Christian Nation.  We have become a hodgepodge of racial tribes, who have forgotten their manners and duty to GOD and others.

    • true

    • Amen to that.

  • we are living in a different kind of world welcome to the new lawlessness America thanks to the Obama administration.  

  • Leadership advocates no respect for authority, disrespect towards law enforcement, autonomous beings subject to form of morality.

  • This is the result of the Left's campaign for lawlessness and insurgency, fomented by its media accomplices. It is also the result of cowards in public office, on the Right and the Left. How many people defend the police in public forums? How many show their support? The Left wants anarchy and insurrection. This is why they want to abolish the police. The Left's attacks will only stop when we ABOLISH THE LEFT.

    • let's start by blaming Obama because he causes the whole lawlessness period because he was in the white house for 8 years let's not forget this, the whole situation now is because of Obama it's not about the left or the right it's all Obama doing and the people who vote for him back in 2008.

    • back in the 2012 election, the Democrats voted God out of their party let not forget this because what we are facing right now is the cause of it.

    • I have one example of doing the opposite. Friends of.mine, fellow JBS members, and Christians, invited the entire lical police force over for a cookout last summer. They went to the station, talked to several, gave the invitation, and cooked burgers, etc. I dou t if this had been forgotten... . It went on for both shifts. It was to say Rhank you.

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