America Unglued – What Will Happen?

America Unglued – What Will Happen?

What if the Dems hijack the election process in November and retained power?

Without a doubt they cheated! They used vote mules, ballot box stuffers, thousands of dead and nonexistent people and illegal aliens voting and unquestionably hijacked the complete election process to win.

Do you think America will become ‘unglued’ and if so, what will happen?


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    • It would also give kids some direction as they go through the lower grades, something in common to know they will all go and serve. I'd have them strictly on border service, never deployed, deployment would be for the volunteers as it is today. But, I would have them in class when they aren't walking the border learning the constitution, American history, world history, geography, and perhaps a language. I'd want them  to walk away from this service well prepared not to be brainwashed if they should  want to go to college.

    • Nice thinking.... however the needs of the military would not be met if the Draftee was limited to domestic duty only...

      Military Units train as a whole... they are normally deployed as units, not individuals.  Individual soldiers need to be assigned to units and duties based on the military's needs, not on some social program established to correct the underlying failure of parents, the public school system, and local government... to train and DISCIPLINE their children.   The military is not a REFORM SCHOOL... nor is it a proving ground for social engineers.

    • We agree !!

    • Didja know that Musk dropped out of Stanford on his 2d day there?   True and he values personal learning as much and more than a college degree,   

      He's a smart man.   

    • And, it would sound a warning that people just might hear,.

    • The real question is whether we will have time to even start any of that.   

      Half the parents would crap their drawers before approving basic gun training at any grade.   They'd sooner agree with the 160 or so genders.

      I highly support the mandatory basic training right after high school and before college.   COLLEGE SHOULD NOT BE THE OUT.   And, after the basic training, there are plenty of places to serve that 2 year stint.

      I totally support that.   

      Will it be before or after the REVOLUTION is the only question,

  • What will happen?  Civil War, Conservatives vs. the unbalanced left and the US population will be reduced by 33% or more.  Very few of these deaths will be Conservatives .....

    • For sure. We are prepared.

    • I can only dream.....

  • Take em out.  Starting with Soros. 

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