This act to defund border security is a direct violation of Article 4, Section 4. clause 1 of the US Constitution... The Biden Administration is officially obstructing justice, aiding and abetting criminal conduct, harboring illegal aliens, and openly refuses to repel the migrant invasion. These radical nationalists arrive waiving their own nations' flags, and immediately begin hostile protests, designed to create mass confusion and lawlessness in their populations and among our neighborhoods. 

The increased criminal conduct in America along our Southern Border... is directly attributable to our Marxist neighbors and their cohorts in Washington, DC. America is engaged in an asymmetrical war for our nation's soverignty, along our Southern Border, whether the Democrat Party acknowledges it or not.  Our nation is under attack by the migratory agents of lawlessness, drugs, and human trafficking. Crime and disease accompany these indigent aliens wherever they land.  It is obvious that Pres. Biden and the Marxist Democrat Party have opened the flood gates of illegal immigration, It is a key element in their Marxist transformation of America.  The Democrat Party has become a major threat to our national security.  America is in danger of collapsing under the weight of illegal migration.

These indigent migrant populations are ill-equipped to live in the United States... without massive government funding and support. They are not familiar with our language, culture, or laws. These aliens are the soldiers of asymmetrical war and have put a huge strain on our federal, state, and local government social services programs. The citizens of the United States are being exposed to the ravages of serious criminal enterprises and dangerous infectious diseases including COVID. Our social services are overloaded and going bankrupt. Unscreened illegal migrants are too often carriers of serious communicable diseases and the social chaos created by the criminal element among them is destabilizing our neighborhoods.

The US Constitution provides every STATE with the right to defend its borders and soverignty from INVASION... until properly relieved by the Federal Government. It is obvious that the Federal Government refuses to properly secure our Southern Border and is now threatening to cut funding for border security by 96%.  The several States need to convene a national security council to formulate and issue a plan for defending against the invasion along our Southern Border, until the Federal Government secures our border the State's must act or we will lose our Nation to the hordes of indigents South of our Border.

America's states must not only secure the border... they must identify and deport ALL of the illegal aliens in America. The States must act to enforce the current Naturalization and IMmigration law... not as amended or bypassed by illegal Executive Orders, or bureaucratic regulation. The States must enforce the law as originally intended by Congress. They must ignore the rewritten and gerrymandered version offered as law.  To that end, the states must discuss and create nullification laws and anti-commandeering strategies and tactics that counter the despicable treason taking place in DC.

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    Criminals or Immigrants… Raiders or Builders 

    by usar4me

    Our forefathers left their homes… with no guarantee of security or prosperity, to venture into the wilderness of a New World. They came when there were no food stamps or social services; no Wal- Marts or parking lots, to brave the wilderness and to fashion a nation; to bequeath that nation to their children and their children’s children.  Our forefathers carved a nation out of the wilderness, purged the land with their sweat, blood, and tears; looking not for a handout or hand up. They came with nothing and left us everything.

    This new age of criminal migrants… comes with their hands extended, fists shaking, demanding that the natives feed them and cater to their every need.  They come, not looking to build a nation, but to raid a people.  They come not to join us, but divide us; too, loot the wealth of generations.  These are not IMMIGRANTS, they are raiders, thieves, and deceitful individuals; who were too lazy to build their own house, to raise a nation of prosperous, hard-working souls, where they were born…

    These are not the blood of our ancestors… nor the kinsmen of prosperity and hard work.  If they were, they would have remained at home and made the land yield to their industry… but they did not. They saw their neighbor’s house and spied his possessions and determined to lay siege upon it; too, rob it and to abuse their neighbor and his children. These are not our kinsmen nor our father’s kind.

    Our Immigrant Fathers were a different breed altogether… brave souls, whose steel and sinew broke the sod of generations, planted the fields with liberty, and rod tall in their seats of honor as they forged a Nation out of the wilderness.  These new migrants are the merchants of want and the harbingers of strife; who bear the seeds of poverty and the winds of despair. They come expecting to reap, where are father’s have sown; too, take where they have not labored.  Send them home, that they may work in their own fields, where they may take pride in breaking the ground and reaping what they have sown. 

    Criminals or Immigrants… Raiders or Builders
    Our forefather’s left their homes… with no guarantee of security or prosperity, to venture into the wilderness of a New World. They came when there w…
    • As one of hte people who closed out Our 14 military bases in Panama, I lived 3 years in Panama and experienced firsthand the reasons why charity does NOT work.   Panama is one of the higher of the 3rd world countries.   It's not as bad as Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, and others.   Nobody is starving to death there.  At least not in the late 1990s.   And, China has moved into the vaccuum that Carter created by 'gifting' them all those assets and GORGAS Hospital as well.   A truly beautiful hospital and previously the largest US hospital outside the US,

      US employees were encouraged to take pity on the locals and generously give away from their own pockets thereby creating good will for Our Country and government.  It didn't work.   We gave generously, but they still hate Americans.   You see when people are seen as ATMs it produces hatred as the recipients wonder WHY DID THEY GET SO LUCKY AND NOT ME.

      Just one example.   Our office raisesd a lot of cash through luncheons we held on the patio outside our office.   All donated by the workers.   Upper echelons tended not to donate at all.   Their contribution was the time to do the projects.   As Christmas approached, we were each asked to 'adopt' a child from the stack of names and provide clothing, toys, shoes, etc for that kid.  I adopted several and found a real bargain on shoes at the local SAKs.  So, bought a case of them.   Just prior to Christmas we were provided a military straightback truck to haul the stuff and a bus for those who went for the 'handover'.   A refrigerator for the school (most homes in the interior do not have one despite daily temps approaching 100 degrees and matching humidity) and a desk for the teacher.   Students get no desks.   OK. an uneventful trip to the school.   Locals emerged from everywhere for the handoff.   Most walking.  Some on bikes.   Did you ever see a man riding a bike while balancing 3 paper shopping bags full of 'stuff'?   Several did.

      After the handover, we were told it was their tradition to thank the donors with a lunch they cooked in a huge cast iron cauldron.   I should mention that there were about a dozen skin and bone large dogs hanging all over the place.   I didn't eat as it was just too hot to think of food.   I was only half paying attention til I noticed a couple dogs eating out of the cauldron from which they'd served the group.  The locals did nothing to stop them til one happened to see me watching.   I went to the boss and told him what was going on and he laughed and continued to eat.   Maybe that's the norm in Alabama where he was from.   

      A day or 2 prior to the trip, a conversation with a local working in our office went as follows:   I mentioned that the interior folks called us GRINGOS.   He agreed and said not to worry  as they knew we were bringing 'stuff' and we'd be safe.   My response was, WHY SHOULD WE BRING ANYTHING TO PEOPLE THAT CALLED US GRINGOS AND WOULD HAVE NO HESITATION ATTACKING US IF WE WERE NOT BRINGING 'STUFF'.

      SO, the trip is over and we are once again GRINGOS they would have no issue with attacking.   

      Bottom line is this:   If everyone of us had given our total paycheck, those same grubbers would be back the day after asking WHERE'S THE REST.


      And that's how it is in a 3rd world TOP TIER COUNTRY.   It's a lot worse in the lower tiers.


    • Well said and it mirrors my experience in most of the places I served in the world... Communists are never satisfied or appeased...the old adage o:f "Give them an inch and they want a mile.", applies. 

      America is being invaded and our POLITICIANS are not stupid... they know it.  Why then are they tolerating it?  The best I can conclude is that they have cut a deal for sharing power in a 'New World Order', and that deal doesn't include the unwashed and common citizen... or the retired whose wealth will be used to float their sinking ship ... until it is gone.

    • That's what printing money does   IT DEVALUES EVERY DIME IN EXISTENCE.

      INFLATION the same,   Your retirement check goes up maybe 1% a year while gas has gone up 60% in 6 months.   And the so called 'infrastructure bill'  will explode that as part of the 'green shit deal' designed TO MAKE A CAR UNAFFORDABLE.   Food has gone up 28% in that same time.   SO YOU GET TO EAT LESS AND LESS TIL YOU STARVE.  

      And, the crooked politicians bleed us to death.   BEST WE FIGHT WHILE STILL STRONG?

    • It appears that the left wants it to come to just that... civil war.  They have got to understand that the patriot is running out of options and will not go silently into the night.

  • Our Forefathers, may they rest in peace, would have already 'disappeared' some of the traitors.

    Food for thought:   Does the Secret Service take the same oath as 'supposed leaders'?   As in the OATH TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA?



    • Marlene - it was my understanding that all Federal Employees, like Secret Service Representatives, took the same oath (but my information may be wrong). I believe there are people on this group that could answer that question definitely.


    • Martha,

      Mine too.   I am retired from Federal (almost 30 years).

      I ask the question because, if that is the case, the Secret Service has a duty that goes beyond taking a bullet for a FAKE president.   Their sworn duty is to resolve the problem of a FAKE official.


  • Ronald,

    The "Left" as you put, has the endlessly deep pockets of ever increasing "Deficit Spending/Citizens Taxes" while those who suffer from the ceaseless oppression must Face Bankruptcy? Perhaps Secession is the only alternative.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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