America finally united, on prospect of 'civil war'

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There's finally a topic on which Republicans, Democrats and independents mostly agree: civil war.

There are divides within each of those groups over whether it is likely or unlikely. But pluralities of Republicans and Democrats in a new poll said civil war in America now is likely. Smaller portions said it was unlikely.

The  Zogby Analytics online survey Jan. 18-19 asked 873 likely voters whether they believe the nation is heading for "war" with itself.

"Nearly half (16% very likely and 30% somewhat likely combined) of likely voters believe the country will have another civil war, while 42% (24% very unlikely and 18% somewhat unlikely combined) did not think we were headed for another civil war; 11% of survey respondents were not sure," the poll report said.

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  • It sure would clear the air.

  • The hand writing is on the wall. Of course the filthy scum of the earth America hating, Constitution hating, God hating leftist liberal commie democrats are the cause of it. No decent person would ever be or vote for a democrat!

  • We won't know till it breaks out. Batten down the hatches, folks; it will be a bumpy ride.

  • I don't like to think about it, but I am sincerely afraid that may be where we are heading. 

    • Seems the democrats are taking us down the path of socialism/communism. If we go there I have no doubt there will be a civil war. I for one refuse to live under a dictatorship.

    • America will never be truly free until ALL COMMUNIST are DOA!!

    • Where can we find another Joe McCarthy?

    • Yes, we need another Joe McCarthy. He was right to begin with!

    • Trump said it "America will never be a socialist country" and he is right. Too many of us spent a year in a foreign land fighting for our way of life. Right or wrong we did it. Not ashamed of it one bit. Combat veteran, one among millions. 

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