America finally united, on prospect of 'civil war'

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There's finally a topic on which Republicans, Democrats and independents mostly agree: civil war.

There are divides within each of those groups over whether it is likely or unlikely. But pluralities of Republicans and Democrats in a new poll said civil war in America now is likely. Smaller portions said it was unlikely.

The  Zogby Analytics online survey Jan. 18-19 asked 873 likely voters whether they believe the nation is heading for "war" with itself.

"Nearly half (16% very likely and 30% somewhat likely combined) of likely voters believe the country will have another civil war, while 42% (24% very unlikely and 18% somewhat unlikely combined) did not think we were headed for another civil war; 11% of survey respondents were not sure," the poll report said.

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  • it sure looks like war is the only chance to overthrow satan's minions that have seized control in a bloody coup against the Constitution, President Trump, and We the People.  I hope there is another way.  I have the military training and experience (former Special Forces soldier) but am too old and disabled to help if it happens.

  • I still think the swamp will hang itself by the slack rope of our constitution, they are behaving like hysterical maniacs and total lunatics... and so we are fortunate as a country to have lived in freedom long enough to see them hang themselves.  But we the people should not allow this to go on for more than a few months, or the rope will break and we will run out of time

  • It would be a gorilla warfare situation. The US military had problems with unorganized mountain trekkers in Afghanistan/Iraq. In wide open spaces, mountains, etc. With all our modern technology our nose got bloody by those rebels. I have more faith in American Patriots, Veterans, etc, than those rebels so with the resources on hand a lot of pain can go both ways. I'm all for letting the checks and balances of our government correct this but we all know better. Watching this impeachment on tv. The democrats are playing the victim big time. They're taking up for VP Pence like he's one of them. Could be, probably but it doesn't matter. Make no mistake they are coming eventually, they've told us so, it's not paranoia to take them at their word. The language the left uses vs the right is night and day. We can't let this go anymore. They're not giving supposed to be Free citizens of a supposed to be Free country much of a choice. It's their civil war actions that bring up civil war. Conservatives aren't being left alone, we're being targeted for being American and wanting our American way. The question is how much are we supposed to take before we act? We're losing ground fast and they aren't slowing down. If not civil war then great but I won't change my mind on what I expect of my country. My government calls me a domestic terrorist for not being okay with their massive corruption. Don't forget the murder of our female American Veteran. They won't mention her and they want us to forget her, I will not.


    • This is not Viet Nam nor is it Afghanistan... Gorilla warfare depends on the ability of the Gorilla to maneuver, hide and strike, without being detected. The Gorilla in Viet Nam and Afghanistan had safe havens where the rules of engagement kept us from entering.  Without those safe havens and rules of engagement the Gorilla War in Viet Nam would have ended under different circumstances and within months, not years. Those rules of engagement will not be present in any American Gorilla War.

      America is a developed nation... our modern surveillance systems and communication networks greatly limit the possibility of moving without detection... thus limiting the possibility of waging a successful Gorilla War.  The Gorilla must be able to pick and choose where and when he engages.  He does that by hiding.  Any force larger than a squad will be unable to hide or maneuver without being detected... making Gorilla Warfare impossible to win in the USA. 

      There is also the problem of logistical support for a Gorilla War in America...  Acquiring, moving, and storing the massive amounts of munitions, weapons, equipment, and consumable supplies for a major Gorilla War, without being detected is not going to happen in America. All of the successful Gorilla movements were PRIMARILY UNDERWRITTEN AND LOGISTICALLY SUPPLIED BY MARXIST GOVERNMENTS... not local sources. Please, inform us who will support a US Gorilla War and which Wal Mart will be issuing the supplies?  Just kidding, but I wanted to emphasize how ridiculous it is to think supporting a massive Gorilla War is possible in America without being detected and successfully interdicted...

      Ignorance often replaces informed action in times of desperation... any form of an armed internal insurgency or Gorilla warfare against the US Military is doomed to failure before it launches. Unless major units within the US Military align with the Gorilla Movement, there is no hope of prevailing in a war of liberation.  We must find and use alternative means to lawfully and peacefully, reform the government.  Lech Walesa's tactics used by the 'Polish Solidarity Movement', combined with other successful, passive-aggressive resistance tactics, could be a path worthy of consideration.  We must exhaust every peaceful and lawful means of reform before considering armed resistance.

    • Ron, I agree but part of the problem with the Polish Solidarity idea is that most of corporate America has either been intimidated into compliance or sold out for protection from anarchists.  I certainly hope there is a way to a peaceful solution but it doesn't look good right now.  What we need is Divine Intervention!!!!!!!!!!

    • I'm all for a peacful solution. Having a civil war with my fellow countrymen is not something I look forward to or wish on any country but to say it's impossible would be ignorant wouldn't it? All Veterans forget what they know in a civil war? Our resources become theirs and theirs ours. Desperation isn't felt by all. Improvise adapt overcome or get in line, give up and welcome your new untouchable all powerful no choice government system. I'm thinking more primitive because that's what it would come down to. All options are on the table. ISIS did a lot of damage in our modern world against the world's governments and all their technology. In 2021 the US is on the verge of a possible civil war, how much more modern can we get? Even with all the technology we turn to primitive solutions to our civilized society so no i don't want it but I'm not so ignorant that i can't see reality but I wasn't an officer with all the answers either(that was a little uncalled for but since all hope is lost why not right?) I'm glad our founder's didn't give up and surrender to everything bad because Wal-Mart was closed. I agree with most of your views but I disagree with being defeated so easily. I don't have good answers unless the rules are followed but I'm not hopeless. Funny thing is we still think we have a choice. We still think corrupted civil servants will all of a sudden do the right thing and correct this. That's why we're here. 

    • Peaceful would be good but how can that happen if so many Americans support the entrenched deep state and oppose President Trump? We the people and all Americans need to rally behind Trump who is the man of the hour guaranting the truth and our Republic. If all Americans are not totally unified in our allegiance to Trump and to the Republic (which is really one and the same today), remaining peaceful might not be an option.

  • Biden is Unconstitutionally elected per U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1, Clause 2,PERIOD!...........No ifs ands or buts to anyone but overeducated Schiff heads! They are all refusing to honor their oath and uphold the Constitution. WE ARE ALL THAT's LEFT so yaeh, pretty ineveitable there will be a Civil War.

    • Bring lots of body bags... Look I hate what is happening but I am not stupid enough to commit suicide which is exactly what the Marxist wants us to do... they are agitating to get us to engage in a civil war... why, to eliminate about 20 million of us who are the core for a COUNTER REVOLUTION... that is the pattern Marxist always follow when takin over a government with a COUP... they know that the population will react violently and they hope to get them to do it before they can actually organize properly for such an event.

      Control your rage and think ... be smarter than your enemy and choose how you fight, when you fight and where you fight... don't go off half-cocked or you will end up like millions before you in a mass grave.  One doesn't save their nation by ending up face down in the dirt... he does it by making the other guy eat dirt.

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