America is on the razor’s edge of moral and legal insurrection created by Antifa and other liberal anarchists.  They have used verbal arson to target millions of law-abiding Americans, who they claim are perpetrators of systemic and systematic destruction of black American life and safety.  They have drawn a line and will condemn every one of the 63 million Trump voters who are white or black and their children and grandchildren with this vicious lie.  The truth does not matter to these anarchists. These innocent Americans are told to just “Shut Yo’ Mouth!”


The truth does matter.  The anarchists and their liberal make-believe media apologists want all police officers, law and order supporters, and every white Trump supporter to stand accused, be convicted and have their Constitutional protections stripped away by millions of social media firing squads. 


 America is not just a collection of ethnicities and races.  It is a family created by the nation’s founders to establish a more perfect union.  Not a union to be vaporized by feared actions of Antifa anarchists or destroyed by incendiary race mongering rhetoric uttered by riotous criminals who rob, loot and even murder. They seek to contaminate America’s laws and cremate the nation’s order.  Their battle cry is, “Shut Yo’ Mouth!” or be condemned!


Truth does matter and it must be used to decimate and destroy the unabridged, unfiltered, liberal-infused toxic lies used to polarize America. Do Not “Shut Yo’ Mouth!”


Here is the truth:

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  • If the United States defeated Germany and Japan we can take care ofAntifa run by idiots who just don't know how lucky they are living in this country 

    • When America defeated Japan and Germany we were a united nation... the Democrat Party was not the Marxist Party.  The situation in DC is totally out of control, both political parties seem determined to destroy America... while they expand their power to engage in a new world order... one where American's have to take less and accept whatever the government gives them.

    • Now the Democrat are for socialism, communism, lawlessness, without God in there party that's what the Democratic parety is standing for.


    • That's why it is Trump or nobody. We have to support him no matter what. He needs to assume total authority over the country. Otherwise the deep starts wins and destroys our way of life. We want liberty and freedom. Trump guarantees that. 

  • The local politician's State and City who allow such insurrection, riot, and violence to occur need to be arrested and charged with accessory to Domestic Terrorism and co-conspirators in the insurrection. AG Barr should be directing the FBI and US Marshals too shut this insurrection down.  The lead man on this should be AG Barr, not the President...  he is taking all the hits when it should be the head of the Department of Justice for failing to stop the riots and insurrection... by asking the President to send in the Military under Martial Law...


    • You are so right there. Martial Law and involving the military under the right leadership will solve many problems Trump faces right now that hamper him. Most importantly, such a move would eliminate all opposition to him from the fake news to the deep state and so on. Then you'll see that he will fulfill every one of his promises, and he definitely will ensure liberty and freedom!

  • True we cannot be silent but be it in a group if only one of us then a mob would rip us to shreds.  They attacked a Dem congressman so they surely would attack you or me.  In a group we are safer at least.  This is what they want for the country I am sure the majority do not.

  • The problem is not knowing ... not having the evidence of the left's intent it is AG Barr's lack of prosecution of the anarchist and insurrectionist... It begs the question why?  Is AG Barr a globalist... he came up the ranks with the BUSH family... what does that and his reluctance to prosecute the deep state and the powers funding the insurrection tell us?  Think America before it is too late... who is the enemy?  That question is the 64K dollar question... and an easy one to answer if one is informed and not self-deluded.

  • The fake news is really a big problem in America. Trump needs to shut it all down and take control of the media, or else he will continue to spend a lot of his energy fighting these "unabridged, unfiltered, liberal-infused toxic lies used to polarize America." Can you imagine what he could accomplish if he could control the media?

    • Under a National Emergency and Martial Law, the President can severely limit how and what the Media Reports... 

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