America is a Nation called and culled out of the wilderness... to serve God. From the beginning, it was so: A harbor for the oppressed, a Nation of light in a world of darkness. No greater purpose has ever been served by a Nation than to give refuge to the huddled masses; too, embrace every man with liberty. America is a garden set among the nations, a place of refuge from tyrants, and a vision of hope in a world of distress.

American Patriots have bled... fields red. In lands far-away her dead reside, for no greater purpose than man should live free; that many may from the Tree of Liberty be fed. Nations stand today where none existed because of America’s sacrifice. Men live where death did stalk the way; all these by the hand of providence and the American way.

These righteous few, these glorious men... who bled fields red, do now speak from heaven's gates, calling to us… Awake! The hour is late, and the day grows short. Evil once vanquished soon returns and where the gate is left open and the watchmen sleep... disaster waits.

Where comes now this incessant roar... this call to build upon the bones of our honored dead; too, deny our heritage, our right to preserve our fallen, from the sound of our enemies trumpet. O’ how wicked men do twist their cause, too use liberty’s bell to plant the enemy’s flag over our hallowed dead. Where honor has retreated the tyrant reigns.

Where liberty did bleed... the tyrant now seeks exaltation? Let these ignoble men no longer stand among the righteous, but in shame be shunned, even as they seek to dishonor our dead. Let them no more walk among patriots or claim to honor those who bled. For-profit, 30 pieces of silver, they did sell liberty, once. Now these men, these horrid souls, would dishonor our fallen... too, honor our enemies with a temple to celebrate their tyranny.

What man seeks to blaspheme the soul of a Nation… our fallen dead? Too, honor those who have pulled down our high towers. Too, demand our enemies be permitted to walk among us and our honored dead? What manner of man promotes this blasphemy? Who is it, that seeks to bring this horrid curse upon our land? Take thought ye who promote such wicked schemes: God is not blind nor patriots long silent.

Look now to the Lord of Sabaoth ... For His hand is not empty, nor His arm short. A sword doth descend and justice will soon stand among the Nations. Let the wicked honor their own for no honor is found in building upon the dead. There is no triumph in shoal and soon the moon shall turn to blood, too bleed fields red. Then the righteous dead shall speak and the wicked shall be condemned.

Men walk among Nations... Some serve righteousness and justice, others serve their own ends. Still, the wicked live among the righteous, their hearts blinded to justice. Justice, however, will prevail for God is not blind. God will not let the wicked define the course of nations nor administer justice for long. Rather, God is patient, waiting for the fruit of man to ripen; that in due season, 'Justice' may be revealed and evil ended.

By: Ronald A. Nelson
COL. USArmy (Ret)
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  • The days are coming when the sound of the LIBERTY BELL will be heard no more in our land... soon and sooner than most think the door to liberty will be nailed shut and the stairway to freedom closed... no more will our windows open to admit new life and the air of freedom will stagnate. 

    Men everywhere will lament on this Great Nation's demise wondering at how it could happen not understanding that the removal of God from our high places, town squares, and living rooms... from the hearts of our children brought this calamity upon us...  A Godless people are lost in a sea of distress; looking for the exit only to find it obstructed by their stubbornness and indolence.  When it was yet light the People ceased in their labor, sleeping while our enemies undermined our liberty.

  • There is but one America and when she is gone the world will suffer greatly from a lack of compassion for the poor and love for the suffering...   America leads the world in both public and private charity for those most in need. 

    We are a giving people and have finally run the limit of our resources... being bleed out by our own leadership we are sadly watching the sunset on our nation.  When it is all gone the lament will be great as the world awakens to the cry of the hungry and the death of civility ... no more US Care Packages, no more Peace Corps or open door to our centers of education and science... no more America.

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