• We DO love him. 

  • This shows that Trump will win with a huge landslide in November. Americans know that they are much better off today than they were when Trump took office. Trump has made America great again. Americans want another four years of the same.

  • Best president ever. What a blessing. 

  • We've had charming slick politicians who have lied to our face and never delivered on their promises.  But in  President Trump, he is a brash, tough, strong businessman who tells it like it is.  He speaks directly to the people and has delivered on his promises.  That to me is the best President our country needs and that is President Donald Trump!



  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES WE DO !!!!!!!!!

  • Yes!! We do love you, Trump!! You're great!!

  • He is wonderful.  He truly loves this country how nice is that.   I pray to God he is re-elected in a landslide.  

    • And after his next 4 years are over, his eldest son funs for office.

    • Won't happen, only leftists are allowed to circumvent the Constitutional qualifiers for president. Like caramala harris, she does not qualify as her parents were not born in the U.S., her father was jamaican, and her mother is east indian, although caramela was born in the U.S.A., she was born to 2 non-citizens, disqualifying her. This is further proof that the republicans are in on the sham, as all we have heard is crickets from the right side of the aisle, they have been silenced from objecting because of obama's birth certificate and scial security number sham.  

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