Actress Alyssa Milano said the Republican Party "should be tried for treason” and referred to Joe Biden as America’s “only hope.”



Milano’s tweet was presumably in reference to recently released excerpts from a book written by Bob Woodward that included a comment from the president about the coronavirus that he "wanted to always play it [the virus] down.”

Trump defended his statement by arguing that he both took the virus seriously and didn’t want to incite panic.

"I'm the leader of the country. I can't be jumping up and down and scaring people," Trump told Fox News’s Sean Hannity. "I don't want to scare people. I want people not to panic, and that's exactly what I did."

Milano continued her critique of the president on Thursday, blaming him for the economic devastation and lockdowns stemming from the pandemic.


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    • Probly an S.T.D


    • LOL! Good one, Jane!

  • I see all this about that book for what it is. Just another hatchet job on Trump. The left is so scared that he's going to be re-elected that they don't know which way to turn. Woodward probably burned the candle from both ends in a hurry to get that book done and published before the election, for the sole purpose of damaging Trump.Because they know Biden is a dead horse and doesn't stand a snowballs chance in Hell of winning without getting help any way he can. But there are a lot of stubborn Trumpsters like me that won't allow ourselves to be swayed. I don't care how many tricks they have up their sleeves to discredit Trump, it won't cut any ice with me. I'm voting for the man and that's all there is to it!

  • One word for Milano your stupid idiot that doesn't even know what Freedom means go to a socialist country you like and talk your money which you got by a country you hate so much 

  • The Communist Demoncrat Party is guilty of treason, sedition, and attempted overthrow of the United States government and must be wiped out!!

    • Rah!!


    • you are correct.

  • I literally cannot stand this garbage and mocking of everything right and righteous. And mocking God. And He will NOT be mocked. 

    • Yes! God is not mocked and we are suffering from what the other side is doing in the name of God.

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    A new Finnish ad campaign by Burger King celebrates LGBTQ pride by showing the fast food chain's mascot kissing its rival McDonald's mascot, Ronald McDonald. The ad is called, 'Love Conquers All', but it's nothing like the love of God.

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