• Trump was an utter disaster, weak and confused and totally unprepared.  Everything he did accomplish he accomplished through executive orders.  All of it has already been reversed and undone and today we are far worse off than before he was ever elelcted.  Trump allowed himself to be cheated out of an historic, landslide election victory and  then kicked to the curb like a bag of garbage.  Trump had months to see it coming and still got caught flat footed, totally unprepared.  His first and foremost duty was to protect the republic and our constitution.  He failed miserably.  We no longer even have free and fair elections.  We live under total tyranny and even myopic, ignorant, total fools like yourself can't deny it.

      You could say the same things you have said about Trump about Hitler whom the people also loved until they didn't anymore.  Trump was no Hitler to be sure.  Trump couldn't even control his own Administration.  See the record:  Trump investigated no one, he arrested no one, he brought no one to trial, he fired almost no one and when he did fired someone he fired them for personal reasons and often mistakenly ( General Flynn).  Trump didn't send the army to the border.  He wasted untold billions on a wall as of yet incomplete and worthless.  The invasion is worse today than ever.  Trump did absolutely nothing about sanctuary cities, allowing open civil insurrection to grow, fester and further plot against the republic.  Trump did nothing against big tech and  I. T. censorship and control even though both his Republican and the opposition Democart base supported changing existing laws.  

      In his utter and complete incompetence, the only thing Trump really accomplished was to demonstrate to the entire country, if not the entire world just how corrupt, dysfunctional and hypocritical our model of democratic government has become.  Some of us have known that much for at least the last thirty years.  Even Trump supporters like yourself would have to agree after seeing how Trump was treated so unfairly even as you continue to cloak yourself in naive, uninformed stupidity as, if some guarantee and an oath you have taken to yourself to make certain you will never ever get to improve your situation.  Two good eyes, but you just refuse to see.  

      Trump mistook a successful Presidency to be the same as rigging a reality TV show for popularity ratings.  He knows how to manipulate public opinion and make himself popular alright.  Anyone can talk shit about powerful rulers.  That's what despots and communists always do toobtain power.  What did Trump actually do?   He hired two traitor Attorney Generals and never did fire the last one.  He never achieved any control over the FBI, or DOJ although he could have fired, transfered and replaced anyone and everyone at will.  Why am I wasting time with ignorant uninformed opinion?  Have a nice day Frank 


    • Ridiculous, no not even, of course it's not.  That's like saying a terminal cancer diagnosis is all for the best.  Simply absurd, coupled to some compulsion to comment.

  • None of it means a damn thing until he is removed from office.  If you can't do that, then this is all just a nuisance to him, a nuisance to be delt with as part of the job.

  • It's one thing to be a demoncrap and another to be a lying SACK OF SHIFF!

  • Shifty probably crapped in his pants again.

  • Loved it!!!


  • Wow! That was refreshing! California Democrats are absolutely Psychotic! This is what Communism looks like!

    • Love it!!!!  High time to fight back against all the lies !!!!!


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