• Tried and shot us the proper place for him.

  • Ol pencildick needs to be in GITMO, PERIOD!

  • Time for pencil neck to be indicted by Durham!

  • What a disgusting POS Schiff is.   He is just truly unable to tell the truth; he only lies.   And Satan is the father of lies.


  • The only way to get this idiot out of office is is to vote in person and have the votes hand count this way all idiots that control the voting machines have no power 

    • Yeah well everyone knows that Captian Obvious.  The question remains, how to get there from here. 

  • Unfortunately... Schiff will win re election in a land slide!  Definition of Insanity: Keep using the same corrupted: Election Officials, Election Rules, and Voting Machines and... expect a different outcome.

    • If so, then the voters who place miscreants like Schiff in an office and trust and profit, must suffer the consequence of doing so until they gain their senses. This means his representation is to be singulary stimatized in any bi-partisan negotiations.

    • And that's the bottom line until we get an Administration with enough backbone to start investigating and prosecuting these guys.  Trump has already proved not to be the guy, I'm sorry to say and for whatever reasons, or excuses anyone wants to make for him.

    • You are an idiot, Trump got MORE done with the STRONGEST headwinds of ANY POTUS EVER, election FRAUD is a demoCRAP standard. We would be in MUCH better shape had the true WINNER been declared!


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