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Famed attorney and Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz filed a defamation suit against CNN on Tuesday seeking $300 million for what he called a "willful, deliberate, malicious effort to destroy my credibility."

Dershowitz told Fox News that CNN selectively edited a clip of his remarks from the Senate floor during President Trump's impeachment trial where he broke down the illegalities surrounding a "quid pro quo" as a member of the president's defense team.

The Constitutional scholar alleges in the lawsuit that the news outlet propagated a “sea of lies” by re-airing only part of his quote, which he believes was part of a deliberate effort "from the very top" to frame him for claiming “that the President of the United States could commit illegal acts as long as he thought it would help his reelection and that his reelection was in the public interest," The Wrap reported.

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  •  "From the very top?"  You know who that is.  Bod Woodard's good  buddie  Berstein.  That says a lot.

    Both of these guys went after Nixon while knowing that both JFK and LBJ rejoiced in actually doing what Nixon was accused of, and destroyed for allegedly doing it..  JFK had Hoover in his pocket (Hoover being the head FBI hero) and LBJ put Hoover in his when he assumed the presidency after Kennedy's death. The practice of spying on your politicla adversaries goes back to FDR who used it extensively according to historians. LBJ had tape recording installed in the White House and was influenced by both FDR and JFK to have and keep information on their enemies. Clinton, who considered JFK as one of his heroes, did the same.  A n infamous quote of LBJ concerning Hoover when he took the office of President, " It is better to keep him (Hoover) in the tent pissing out, than out of the tent pissing in."

    Both Berstein and Woodard should get their comeuppance.  It is long overdue. Nixon was destroyed because he was a Republican. When one looks at Watergate honestly, it becomes apparent that it was a political hit, and a sham. But, even today the news media pretends it was justifiable, and so too do most people.  We have become a nation of lies and liars, now worse than ever.

    Dershowitz should not have defended Trump in any manner according to CNN. Trump is the enemy because he openly exposes what CNN is all about.

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