• When a Person Relies on "SLANDER, RACISM, LIES, FEAR, HATE and DIVISION" to make Money/Income, is as BAD/Same as Democrats, Media and Marxist-!!!

    • You got that right

  • couldn't happen to a nicer guy, he spouts only division, plus he should be in jail for owing loads of back taxes

  • Obamao's Minister of Civil unrert.

  • This ignorant jerk found a way to make a lot of money calling everyone a racist!

    Theres a lot of money in what he does, he can afford to throw a $50.000 birthday party for his 16 year old, by speaking crap!

  • What is he doing at the border?Β  He is an absolute loser and a nasty racist!

    • he is taking the place of obama because obama is the one who is in charge of the border, obama can not be in 2 place at once that's the reason why All is on the border this is crazy as the day goes by.


  • This just made my day.Β  I love how he acts like no one is yelling at him and just keeps on talking as if anyone can hear him.Β  What a racist loser.

  • He should be in Chicago where his race are killing each otherΒ 

  • Did he actually believe he was in Chicago?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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