• Just goes to prove again that Al Gore is minus a brain. 

  • Conspiracies are not intrinsically evil... they are simply the agent of parties with a common goal and plan to reach their goals... Conspiracies come in all sizes and shapes... in all parties and political ideologies.

    • The way the term "conspiracy theorist" is used in today's American political discussion is as a pejorative.  The media and other defenders of the Establishment don't want to invite scrutiny into Establishment actions.  To your point though, a conspiracy to upset the "great reset" and supplant Biden/GOP/Democrats, Deep State and ruling class in general in order to return to our constitutional roots would most certainly not be "instrinsically evil".  9/11 however, as a false flag event, was instrinsically evil.

  • "See it now? 'Climate Change' is about control. So is the 'vax mandate'. Isn't it weird that what was once a 'conspiracy theory' is now be proven to be a fact?"

    The whole notion of totalitarian control is weird, given that all men suffer death regardless to how much of his enviroment is under direct control.

    The emotionally panic-driven idea of staving off mortality through personal control of surroundings, is ultimately futile. It never works, and has served as a definition of insanity.

    (does it seem Al has become even creepier with the years?)

    • "Conspiracy theory, conspiracy theorist" are used mockingly by the media and globalists.  They don't want you to know that the history of the world in places of great power is literally writting in conspiracies:  Julius Caesar's assassination; Lincoln's, JFK's, RFK's, JFK Jr., 9/11, Mary Queen of Scots, King Richard III, Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley, Jeffrey Epstein, Sergei Kirov,  Ernst Roehm and the "night of the long knives"... and thousands of others.  If you don't know history, as the saying goes, you're doomed to repeat it.  Many of us know it.

  • He and all the other idiots should be put on the funny farm 

  • What can anyone say of All Gore except, "What the Hell is it and what is it doing in my House?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The Father of "Climate Fraud" said..................

  • I worked with Dr Chu, US DOE Dir. for almost 3 years on my SEPGS Solar Energy System that will SAVE the American people over a TRILLIAN DOLLARS a year in their energy cost but "that TRILLIAN DOLLARS will be coming out of the pockets of the big Coal, Oil and Gasoline industry and we will have a hard time supporting taking that kind of money away from them. " PhotoVolectric systems are REALLY mostly a big SCAM that I can prove. PV are glass mirrors that reflect over 82% of the Solar Thermal Energy Spectrum back into the atmosphere causing MORE atmospheric heating than preventing. My SEPGS has 0% reradiation. The American people need to be re-educated about what REAL GREEN ENERGY is.

  • Gore is a worthless liar like all the rest of these phony climent liars. It's all about control.

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