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  • Is this what you people wanted when you destroyed Trump 24-7? 9653356652?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • After reading this Emperial Edict from the King, to my notion there will be a mass exit of kids from the forced "government think-space" commanly called..... public schools.  Sorry cabal......there is just too much of God, Country, Bibles, and our guns left in our American blood to lay down and allow some predeterminded communist manifesto (like this DOJ letter)  to permeate our culture.   If there will be any trigger point that will cause Americans to pull out their will be over the protection, raising, and teaching of our children.   NOT....gonna turn our kids into brown-coats or turn them over as property of some "two-bit - dictator type government."  Mr. DOJ...whoever the hell you are - ain't gona happen...!!!

    One idea that come to my mind.....what would happen if at every local school board that scheduled open forum meetings were to be held, and no parents come.  Zero....!   All parents could and should meet at a totally different building across town.   Let the school board and their FBI protectors go ahead and have their stupid little power meetings, but all parents will be visiting and meeting each other to discuss THEIR....desires, THEIR agenda....their kids...their God....and all pray together.   Hell.....have everyone to bring a dinner dish and all have a party.  Let the school boards do what the hell they are bent on no parents will be in attendence. kids in attendence in schools - no parents attending school board meetings - whats the teachers union and school boards gonna do........

  • Thank you Mitch McConnell for making sure this moron didn't become a SCJ.

  • If you don't like the meal, cook your own. If you don't like the system become your own. Don't tell others how to teach, teach them yourselves.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • This is just another step closer to an insurrection by the majority of the American people.  Sane, clear thinking, common sense people will not allow the left wing, American communist/terrorist take permanent control of this country.  The streets will run red with blood if they try to do that.  The last 200+ years will not end in a communist dictatership.  The blacks, radical muslims and left wing activitist will not be allowed to run this country.  It is so important that we start now to prevent this from happening.  ARE WE DOING ALL WE CAN TO STOP IT.  We can not depend on our leaders to keep us safe.  

  • It appears that the State Governors, AG's, and Local Sheriff need to send the President, DOJ, and  US Attorney General a copy of the US Constitution... with the pertinent sections underlined that limit Federal Judicial and law enforcement Jurisdiction to Federal territory, property, and criminal code.  The States need to give notice that interference with State Criminal Code Jurisdiction will be prosecuted, as obstruction and interference with State Law Enforcement. This overreach by the US Attorney General must not go unchallenged.

    The encroachment of Federal jurisdiction upon a State's soverign power to establish a uniform CRIMINAL CODE and standard of enforcement within the state's jurisdiction puts its citizens at risk of being charged with crimes that are duplicitous or unrecognized by the State. Crimes, such as hate speech, politically incorrect speech or actions, and the criminalization of regulatory or civil offenses, etc. States have been silently ceding their criminal code jurisdiction to the Federal Government for years, it is now time to stop.

    The abdication of State Criminal Jurisdiction to the Federal Government must stop... or we need to eliminate state civil,  and criminal courts.  Thus, saving the taxpayer billions by eliminating the current duplicitous and overly complex system. We have seen what the current system is capable of doing. The Federal Government has stepped in where the States released police officers accused of excessive force, to charge them with federal civil rights crimes, BASED ON THE SAME INCIDENT, violating the Constitutional ban on DOUBLE JEOPARDY.  Justice will become more duplicitous and unfair if we continue to permit two levels of criminal jurisdiction... creating a system of guaranteed double jeopardy.

    I am reminded of Mel Gibson's speech in the movie 'Patriot'... "Tell me, why should I trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away?" It certainly appears that America has EXCHANGED ONE TYRANT 3000 miles away (King George) for 3000 tyrants 1 mile away... If our founding fathers were alive today, what would they think?

  • How about mobilizing the FBI against all these corrupt demoncrats!!! To bad they are in bed with them

  • In order to take back America from the communist who are destroying our nation, all communist must be stripped of citizenship, water boarded, and executed for treason against America. All communist must be eliminated!!

    • Nothing less will not work as we have witnessed in the past, all talk, no action.. It has gotten to the point where an armed rebellion is the only answer..Ask our forefathers!!

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