• Yep!! Jordan asks too many commen sense questions. 

  • Garland is a joke, but not a funny one

  • Maybe if it were his wife or daughter that was "Raped" on Public Transportation this week, while passengers stood by taking pictures and videos, yet doing NOTHING to Stop this Animal, he just might appreciate Parents Passion in the Rape of  their Children's Education! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Or the rape of the 14 year oild girl in the SCHOOL BATHROOM.

      Sorry, allowing biological males to use the girls' rest room is just plain wrong.   If it were me, I'd refuse to use the facilities, even if it led to a puddle on the floor.   The privacy of a rest room is an ideal spot for criminal assault.  If the school has gender confused, they have to either require use of the appropriate  rest room or A SPECIAL REST ROOM MUST BE ASSIGNED FOR ONLY THEIR USE.

      Thank God, Garland didn't get SCOTUS.

  • What I don't understand, How come "NO" VIDEO'S of this VIOLENCE AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS, everyone has a cell/camera, they have video's of everything- what about The MEDIA-??? just wondering

    • There are videos and they were shown on FoxNews several times.   This is of the violent takedown of the father.

    • Maybe they could get CNN or MSNBC to stage/video one-!!!

  • When are the Union Members going to realize that the Union Leaderships are looking out just for their own interest and not for the members. This has been ongoing for years. They take our money and stab us in the back. All AFL/CIO Members need to stand up and if the Union leaders are not doing what we elected them for to REMOVE them and take away all benefits and Put them in jail for any miss deeds. Most of the AFL/CIO Members do not support Marxist Ideas !


  • How fortunate we are that these hearings are happening.     Look how close we came to having this asshat on SCOTUS.   Thank God that didn't happen.   WE COULD HAVE BEEN STUCK WITH HIM FOR LIFE.   HE'D BE SCREWING UP THE USA FOR A LIFETIME.

    As bad as it is to have him as AG, it's TEMPORARY.   And the public is seeing him exposed for what he is.

    Not only is he an asshat, but damned near every answer is 'my staff' will get it for you,   So, he's lazy, not on top of his job, and likely totally incompetent to boot.

  • Garland is a big joke. If he was a cartoon character he would be the "joker". It’s time for the education tax dollars to follow the student and not bureaucrats who care nothing for our kids. Privatize the schools and let parents decide what’s best for their kids education. 

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