Ford CEO Jim Hackett had the perfect response after a group of virtue-signaling employees called on the major auto manufacturer to stop making police vehicles, which they say "perpetuate racism in society" and are "accessories to police brutality and oppression."

What are the details?

According to auto news site Jalopnik, a contingent of black and white employees at Ford Motor Company recently penned a letter airing their grievances over the company's relationship with numerous police departments in America — about two-thirds of police vehicles in the country are Fords.

In the letter, the employees argued that Ford, by building vehicles used by police, is actively sustaining racism and oppression in America. As a way to address this, they urged executives to discontinue all production of police vehicles.

Here's a portion of the letter:

On June 1st, you communicated to the company your commitment to "lead from the front and fully commit to creating the fair, just and inclusive culture that our employees deserve." We thank you for your leadership on this initiative. We also appreciate and fully support your statement against "superficial actions," and we write to push for real action by Ford Motor Company to address our role in the structures that perpetuate racism in society.

How did the CEO respond?

Inevitably, Hackett caught wind of the letter, or at least its sentiment, and addressed the issue in an office memo.

In the memo, he kindly but forcefully clapped back at the demands with logic and common sense.

Here's an example: "The issues plaguing police credibility have nothing to do with the vehicles they're driving." One would think such a notion would be obvious, but evidently it needed to be explained.

More from the memo:

As we imagine the future power of our connected vehicles, smarter Ford vehicles can be used to not only improve officers' ability to protect and serve, but also provide data that can make police safer and more accountable. Just think, dating back to the Model T, Ford has more than 100 years in serving first responders and that leadership over the decades has been earned by co-developing our purpose-built vehicles and technologies with police and emergency agencies to make our vehicles the number one choice.

By taking away our Police Interceptors, we would be doing harm to their safety and making it harder for them to do their job. Again, this is why, given our insights, new capabilities and leadership, I believe these unfortunate circumstances present Ford with an even greater opportunity to not only innovate new solutions but also leverage our unique position to support the dialogue and reform needed to create safer communities for all.

PJ Media provided a shortened translation of the memo: "No. We're not going to stop making police cars. Now get back to work."


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  • how about finding out the number 1 vehicle used in drunk drivings and then ask that car manufactorer to stop making that car

  • the ceo could also say " if it wasn't for these cars then you wouldn't have a job"

  • Let's NOT beat about the bush; the blm is, simply, another TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, that need to be so declared and treated accordingly.  They are NO different than antfa, execpt they have had the absolute "brass" to publicly declare "THEY ARE TRAINED MARXIST"- - in other words, COMMUNISTS, hellbent on the destruction of America!



  • this is a joke 

  • Leave it to left wing, indoctrinated ,Union Democrats to "Kill their Golden Goose"  or more precisely "Bite the hand that feeds them".There is no bounds to their stupidity.

  • Would the employees like to see the company go under? 


  • This reply was deleted.
    • One female BLM ranter who went social media lost her job. This is what we need. Companies deciding on America, not fascist and immuture brats who also murder, set fires, attack police and more. 

  • Maybe they should fire that contingent of employeess. They've joined the enemy within and shouldn't be trusted in the maniufacturing of their (our) vehicles for fear of sabotage to them.  Because American Lives Matter.!!

  • Of course Ford should be taught the true meaning of blm, before they donate anymore money to an organization that has nothing to do with race equality. blm is a hateful marxist anti-American group.

This reply was deleted.