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  • Twitter, like most of the big tech companies, does not care about truth.  I don't quite understand it, it makes no sense to me, but why are so many people and organizations pushing Communism on us?  Don't they realize they too will lose under that system.

    •  Martha, those "Bolshevik Communist's" that Overthrew the Czar in Russia in 1917 didn't foresee their own impending DooM when Lenin was Fully in charge after All they did to defeat the "White Russians" who were Actually the Real Russian People but You will NEVER hear that ANYWHERE on MSM Tel-lie-vision or read of it in anything that wasn't published/printed 50 or more years ago.  Lenin and his Bolsheviks were Mostly Jewish Communist's, so when they were in Complete control and Czar Nicholas 2 and his Entire family were Murdered, those Bolsheviks went on a Murder rampage for the next 20 years and starved, tortured and Murdered about 20 million Ukrainians and Russians who were Mostly Christians and Still you will Not hear Anything like that Truth from the MSM which in America right now is Owned & Controlled by SIX Corporations Owned and Controlled by SIX Ultra-Zionist Talmudic Dual Citizen Israeli-"American" Jew's that are responsible for 95% of Everything American's see, hear and read that covers ALL the MSM. In 1982 there were over 50 Companies with many independently owned, Not Anymore and Nothing Good can be expected with this.

    • Henry ... we don't need/want anti Semitism on TPO. The world went through that crap with Hitler. Please stop or take it somewhere else. TPO is important ... don't destroy it from within.

    •  You are ALL Very Nice people here and I wish ALL of you Well, and with that allow me to explain how I'm here at TPO: I kept getting e-mail notifications from this Tea Party site about a year ago and although I don't recall Ever having signed On to this site, I Could Not and Still cannot find a way of UNSUBSCRIBING from it so I would read some of the topics and delete others. But one day I saw a topic I wanted to comment on and somehow wound up with the moniker of P.Henry which Was a combination of my Old Facebook moniker when I had been using Facebook, that was about 8 years ago and though I Never Officially Signed Out/Cancelled my F.B. account, I No Longer Use FedBook....EVER.

       So, my e-mail is filled with an average of 15 - 20 TPO e-mails daily and have spent the last 40 minutes trying AGAIN to figure out How to UNSUBSCRIBE from this site and have Failed to find a way to do so. If ANY of You can tell me what I need to do to CANCEL my Membership here I'd appreciate it.

       I have decided a couple of days ago that this Site reminds me of FaceBook on another level and I'm Not interested in participating in this any longer primarily because there doesn't seem to be ANYONE on here who is Aware of Who the Actual Enemy of us all is. It is the "Elephant in the Room" NOBODY want's to point to much less see. This IS America's Greatest Undoing. You all think ANTIFA & BLM sprang Up out of Nowhere of their Own Accord? One of the "Founders" of BLM, Patrice Cullors, though she has since added/expanded on that name though I can't remember what it was now but is still well indentifiable without using it, openly admitted in an interview featuring herself that "We are trained Marxist's," so it is obvious that BLM has been and is being instructed by an Outside influence that is NOT American, at least in the sense that ALL of us here, I presume, are.

       I'll end this by stating that the Real Enemy of America has been happily staying Incognito to the Majority in this country and have been doing so for over 100 years now and that Enemy has Now gotten to the point of influence that has now convinced Many if Not All Minorities in this country and others that ALL White American's are RACIST's and has even convinced the DHS that We are Domestic Terrorist's for being Patriot's and Nationalist's. And the Most Outrageous deception is "'Their"' use or Lie of the word Antisemite/Antisemitic when "'They"' are Not even Semitic!! You Can't Fight an Enemy when you Can't even clearly identify that Enemy and the time is Fast approaching when there'll No Longer be Any Doubt as to that Enemies identity because then It Won't matter anymore. But stay comfortable in your ignorance and self-dilusion as ALL Will be revealed Soon.

       How do I Unsubscribe from this Site is All I want to know now......

    • Well, I think I figured it out, or at least to Not getting anymore e-mails from this site. Have Fun with yourselves I'm Out of here!!!

    • Well, the party may not be for everyone, but it is "interesting" (Jeff Noncent pat.pend).

    • I second that... no-Anti-Semitism on TPO.  In fact, race-baiting and incitement are prohibited by TPO rules... which includes Anti-Semitism.  Please refrain from such comments and if unable to refrain take them somewhere else.

    • Another system is lurking like a wolf in commiesheeps clothing. It would never be accepted as a preference, except in circumstancial default of any other system of government.  I believe this abomination to be the corporate (feudal ) technocratic oligarchy.

  • what is wrong with the Truth.. the Truth stands in opposition to lies and criminal conduct.  The Truth exposes corruption and the culpability of our political parties and their members in serious acts of treason and sedition... among other crimes.  That is what is wrong with the truth... it exposes criminal policy and the agents of crime in government.

  • it's time someone Sue Twitter or CNN they might as well go for the blow.

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