• America's credibility with its allies is now mortally wounded... Taiwan and Korea are next. The US's position in the world is seriously damaged. Biden is senile and the Democrat Party is the GREATEST DANGER we face.  I would also warn that NATO is in danger of being desolved, as Biden has signaled it is an outmoded defense system.

    • Realignments will happen worldwide. We have self-destructed and the world has witnessed it. We are guilty of destroying Afghanistan and of ourselves.

      We are in for the Judgement and Mercy of God, for this nation cannot turn back at this point without the judgement of God. Only judgement will save us. It is the only way to cleanse the filth and to turn us from our sins, for they are full up and we are both unable and unwilling and deaf, dumb, blind and stupid as a country. It is biblical. We will see bodies dead in the streets same as the hell we just unleashed upon Afghanistan.

      States like Oregon and Washington were jabbed to the tune of about 70%. They forced gov. workers to take the jab. When the spike is activated from the injected code, and their dna is changed and immune system turned against itself, they will die. They will likely have to burn bodies.

      We are at Daniel 2:34. Iron meets Clay (nano + flesh). We are at Isaiah 24. We are past Rev. 6, the 1st Seal. The Crown was the corona and the bow was the jab. 1st Seal is done. The 2nd Seal, that people should kill one another, done. Hospitals, doctors, media and every agency is now aligned against We the People. The 3rd Seal is coming, a pair of scales, food shortages.

      Stock up on food, water and vitamins. Ascorbic acid, Magnesium, Selenium. Zinc, Ivermectin, D3 and quinine. Quinine from Shweppes Tonic h20 opens the cells so the zinc can get in. Silver antibiotic ointment just in case. 

      The FDA will likely start banning some sales on vitamins. That is my guess.



    • Great advice about the vitamins & supplements to stock up on!!  I have and take most of those, but I love your suggestions of Schweppe's tonic water!  And I usually get the diet tonic, so will pick up some on my next trip to the store!!  

      I also appreciate your reinforcing what I have already suspected and, indeed,learned from reliable medical sources: Namely, BEWARE the Jab!!  I have NOT had any of the vaccines; and unless they strap me down against my will, I intend NOT to have any!!  I simply cannot accept unknown poisons into my system!!

    • Let nothing and force you. No vent either, if anyone you love gets sick. Their protocol is what us killing people

      As of today, chy na has threatened Taiwan and said when war comes and based on Afghanustan. America will not save you. All our chips come from Taiwan.

    • Amen...

      However, we are further along than most believe...  See:  Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Revelation 18; 7-20.  The USA is Mystery Babylon, the whore who sits upon the Beast and commits fornications (covenants) with the Kings of the Earth.

      Ezekiel 38 and 39 is a highly symbolic account of the final conflict in Israel...   Just prior to the establishment of God's Kingdom on the earth. The people mentioned in Ezekiel 38 are descendants of Japeth and Ham, Noah's sons, (see Genesis 10:2-7) indicating that an attack against Israel will come from Russia, with mixed allies from the Middle East and Africa.

      We are living in the Last Days in what I believe to be the times of sorrow... the time immediately prior to the rapture (catching away of the Church) and the beginning of Great Tribulation, such as never seen in the earth.   The “beginning of sorrows was spoken of by Jesus and refers to the time just preceding the “great tribulation.”. The tribulation will be a time of wickedness and evil as the Devil and his demonic forces prepare for the coming of the Lord Jesus and His Millennium reign. The millennium will be when Christ restores the earth and His kingdom shall reign supreme for 1,000 years.

    • We also need to lay blame on the Republicans who have no guts, no gumption to do something against what is going on and what is coming.  They are in many ways, just as bad as the Democrats.  Everyone in politics is out for themselves and forget the taxpayers. They never learned how to go on the offensive, they all want to be nice and get along. There are a few exceptions, but not enough to make a difference! I also must lay blame to the ordinary Americans who sat at their keyboards but if they were called out to DC most of them would refuse to go. I am totally sickened about what has happened in Afghanistan and what will continue to happen around the world.

    • Taiwan and S. Korea have got to be shaken over this breach of trust by Biden.... any mutual defense agreements with the US are simply worthless.  The PHilipines saw it years ago and kicked the US out of its Naval base in Subic Bay and the Airforce from Clark Airbase.  Look for China to use this as proof that the USA is no longer able to keep its agreements.

    • China just threatened Taiwan.

    • Get ready as China prepares to invade Taiwan... if Taiwan doesn't agree to phased-in repatriation like Hong Kong.  Biden is not likely to enforce our mutual defense agreements with Taiwan forcing it to negotiate repatriation.

      Look for Kim to threaten S. Korea and for S. Korea to capitulate or to ask the US to withdraw, as they work out some type of reunification treaty with the North.

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