• We understand your pain, but screw you and your Country anyway. The Wizard of Oz has spoken and he said collateral damage is but a minor inconvenience. Your problem now.

    • This Afgan woman is a marked woman... if she returns to Afganistan she will most assuredly be severely punished or killed for her liberated view of a woman's role in society.  These backward Islamists still hang some, behead them and practice all sorts of mid-evil acts of physical punishment.  I don't think he really understands her concern and fears.  

    • How right you are!  We can only hope and pray that as few Afghans as possible suffer at the hands of the barbarians who have reclaimed that God-forsaken shit-hole country!

    • Such a sad reality for these women, these people. I weep for them, I weep for us, we must rise to defeat this illigitimate cancer inhabiting the White House. Your guidance is needed.

  • There are millions of ways to display ignorance. This fool just had to come up with a new one.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Afghanistan's President must be a Democrat... His Nation is under attack and he can not be found. Ghee, I wonder... Has anyone checked the nation's treasury? I suspect wherever it is you will find their President and high-ranking officials. Betrayal appears to be highly contagious, a national pandemic, and it has infected America's leadership as well.

    Where are our leaders and why did they let the Fraudulent Election stand... They know Biden stole the election.  However, they tucked their tails between their legs and ran from it. Some even defended the election, calling it the most secure ever. Afghanistan is not alone when it comes to cowardice among its leaders.

  • For once Biden is right. The problem is, he won't replace it, Trump would have given us a better one. 

  • We are a unique generation that is witnessing the destruction of our country from within. Trump and his voters knew it was coming. 

    • You don't have to watch the country be destroyed;  Get involved to save it.  It's the last best place to be but not if you, your generation, gets going to save it for future generations, your children, grandchildren, etc.  Stop the communist.socialists from doing what they're doing by voting those people out of office.  Demonstrate that you aren't the push overs the politicians say you are.  They enemies of the state are the democrates who want to tear up the Constitution. 

    • You are absolutely correct in your assessment. 


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