• If One actually wishes to study the "Horrors of Tribalism", read the histories of All of Africa! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Sad

  • There is only One Potential Saviour for both South Korea and Taiwan, Japan. We have been told for Seventy Five Tears by Our Own Government that Japan would Never be allowed to Rebuild Another War Machine. Then again, how many "Lies" has Our Government  told us before? For most of my life.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • China JOE has done it again ,the un-indited FELON has once again proven to the world how dumb he is .

  • China has no need to hold up Afghanistan to the rest of the World as proof of the Gutless Wonders Representing American Government. The World itself is seeing it Live!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Back in the Seventies, my Brother, a Vietnam Marine, and his Lady lived on a Lake with the only access being by boat. They had invited our Mother, her husband and myself to stay for the weekend. After dark an acquaintance and his wife plus Five Syrian Students showed up at the door having hitch hiked across the Lake uninvited. My Brother accommodated them all with dinner and made sleeping arrangements. While I was out on the deck smoking with one of the Arabs, my Brother came out and said, "Its time to Clear House Lynn. One of these Assholes just told Mom 'Woman Shut Up!'". All seven ended up on the dock waiting until after the sunrise and they could hitch hike back. " Rude Behavior " is learned and passed down for generations. I hear and see what Islam does to women/girls and I remember the Anger in My Brother's Eyes that filled my own, and still does today. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • What a story, Lynn!!  Thanks for sharing - and from what I've learned and observed ever since 9-11, we can have good relations with Muslims ONLY if they accept Western customs and manners and behave accordingly!

    • The only way to have good relations with Islam is to capitulate to them and pay a tax to keep them from slaying you.   In other words, there is NO WAY to live under Islamic dominance... their doctrine requires them to slay all infidels or to convert them... Any temporary relationship is to be used to pursue that end... conversion or death.  And, unlike Christians, Muslims are serious to the point that they willingly commit self-martyrdom for their faith.  So, don't be fooled or think that they will moderate as they will not.

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