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This is from Joan Donovan's Twitter Account:


What about Nina Jankowicz?

Cindy Otis? Ex-CIA and does not like 'right wing' websites:

Melanie Smith protects her tweets! 8035023283?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Thank the Good Lord for the precious gift of freedom of speech, and our Founders for recognizing it and protecting it in the Constitution. If not for that we wouldn't have had a clue what these socialist looney-tunes were up to, or why, until the riots erupted and the inner cities started burning. Check out the Transition Integrity Project on the web if you want a good preview of their next act. And if this doesn't convince you how we must vote in November then nothing will.

  • A large portion of Dem idiots are delusional, as in "white nationalists/White supremacists" and another lg portion of Dem operatives/power people KNOW the truth. KNOW they are LYING and do it because they can only win by cheating. Behind all this is the globalist oligarchs drive for their NWO/one world gov/North American Union. That is why the narrative pushed now is "white" nationalism. What is the meaning inferred? that standing for national sovereignty (Constitution/Bill of Rights by extension) is "racist". All you have to do with braindead indoctrinated in school useful idiots is drop certain words to elicit a reaction.


    TRUTH MUST BE SUPPRESSED. I believe part of lockdowns is to isolate us so we aren't talking to each other and mounting a robust resistance to the tyranny they are imposing.


  • the Democrats are so dysfunctional they don't know what to do. 

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