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  • How the hell does this idiot miss all the revealations about the Lef's illegality????


    • Oops, the Left's illegality is what it should say. Sorry.

  • Have no clue who he is and do not want to.

  • WOW! An actor, Jeff Daniels, portrays an informed citizen. Amazing eh! Yet when the actor Ronald Reagan performs the same role, and actually was correct, he was ridiculed by leftist Socialists. No symmetry in truth to be found here!

  • The only person or persons going to jail will be the communist wicked demoncrats for treaon, sedition and attempted over throw of the U.S. Government!!  And by the way, Demoncrats are the liars since they worship the father of lies, Satan!!

  • Jeff Daniels :Just another proto-typical poltically illiterate,"Hollywierd" libtard. A Democrat poster boy for the party of hate, envy and greed.! 

  • Those who travel with an entourage are often empty envelopes needing the entourage to keep them filled with content. Jeff Daniels is an empty envelope.

  • Actor?? Sore loser.

    • It is now apparent why he was given the role of 'Dumber' in the movie named 'Dumb and Dumber.'

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