Grenell visited the Justice Department last week over the matter.



Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has sought to declassify a list of former Obama administration officials who were allegedly involved in the so-called “unmasking” of former national security adviser Michael Flynn in his conversations with the former Russian ambassador during the presidential transition, a senior U.S. official tells ABC News.

Grenell, who remains the U.S. ambassador to Germany along with being the acting DNI, visited the Justice Department last week to request the declassification of the list, according to the official.

His visit indicates his focus on an issue previously highlighted in 2017 by skeptics of the investigation into the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia, specifically allegations that former officials improperly unveiled Flynn's identity from intercepts of his call with former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

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  • I hate to rush to any conclusions here but ---- if it wasn't for the Tea Party movement, I don't think there would of been a Donald Trump, He is taking the Heat and returning our country to us.  He is using military game theory logic 3-D Chess for an example We are the reason or at least the Tea Party and it popularity duing the O administration that there is the Justice we are starteing to see today.  The Deep State's roots are very deep.  They got deeper with the O they were pretty set before him.  Evil has overrun our functiong goveryment and they are trying to take out Trump. Remember we started this movment of going back to common sense and there are a whole lot of us.  Lock uped right now but not for long. Before this lockdown was the Calm before the Storm this is the Storm. Sunshine is starting to shine through It may be a small ray of light but it's comming.

    Stay strong, stay safe and Be well.  To paraphase Q Nothing will stop whats comming. Nothing.

  • he better be careful, between the clintons and obama he might end up comitting suicide like so many others that have crossed them

    #wethepeople hashtag on Twitter
    15h ago @votenickmoutos tweeted: "ATTENTION ALL #PATRIOTS, #WeThePeople ne.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.
  • Turnabout is fair play in this morbid, sordid affair.

    Except the A-DNI wants to legally expose these criminals.

  • I just found out they are all finding good DC lawyers right now.  DC will be very very busy.  It took time you don't want to bring down one when you can bring them all down and destroy the establishment or organization (Deep State) that allowed them to exist in the first place.  This is being done with game theory and military intelligence.  Trump was the commder in NY Military School.  He is top in military planning.  You aint seen nothing yet.

  • As I have indicated before, There is a whole lot happening and this I believe has already happened The names have been released.  You will need a whole army of people going thru all the stuff being released.  I just hope it puts the final nail in MSM next will be DS the deep state clear the swamp


  • botom line Obama and his administration should have been in jail by now.

  • Everybody has forgotten all the raids on innocent businesses by the so called "FBI" simply because of who they supported pollitically. their will never be justice until the American people demand it and willing to die for it.

    • Yeah remember the conservative in Kentucky or Tennesee. Who made guitars that Obozo went after he was illegally sworn in as POTUS ?


  • Justice for the guilty is as justice for the innocent, none exsistant. The people have to demand justice.

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