On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli stated that President Trump’s executive order on monuments has put withholding federal dollars from local governments that are not enforcing the law “firmly on the table.”

Cuccinelli said, “Whether it’s Washington, D.C., or cities all around the country, you’ve seen federal reinforcements playing a role, whether it’s surveillance that they’re sharing with state and local law enforcement, or whether they’re taking the responsibility on themselves. So, when you go beyond that to some of the federal dollars at stake, you obviously bring a whole new side of this into play, and I can tell you, as a former state legislator, if you want to get state legislator’s and governor’s attentions, talk to them about their pocketbooks. And when they’re busy not enforcing the law, that’s something that is legitimate to bring into play, and President Trump has put it firmly on the table.”

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  • Why is there even a statue of that murderer pos lenin standing on America's soil? Who allowed this? Why is that useless statue still wasting ground space. and could there be faux fire hydrants circled around it within a dog run? 

  • It's about time that Trump imposes authority on the  entire country. He has been playing nice long enough. 

    • Sorry, but we don't have a system where the President has the power to "impose authority on the entire country." China does, Russia does, Cuba does, the Islamic caliphates do. We do not. Nor does Trump have the constitutional power to direct funding; Congress has the power of the purse. Doing end runs around our governing principles was for Obama; and we attacked him for it. It doesn't get better just because Trump is doing it. Reagan used to put things before Congress partly to get things passed and partly so that the debate in Congress would educate people as to who those people really are. Trump should be doing the same thing, but he just is no more savvy about how to do it than Obama was. It's actually pretty sad.

    • That's odd, 30 years ago the Federal government threatened to withhold Federal tax dollars for road improvement in your state if you didn't lower your speed limits to 55. Or are you too young to remember? That's just one easily researchable fact. School policy is another item that the Federal government has influneced for years down to the local community level with the threat of withholding Federal dollars if not complied with. Federal subsides have been used for decades to form and shape local public policy by the Left. Odd now that the shoe is on the other foot people have a selective memory. Whats good for the goose.....


    • It all goes back to all levels of not abiding by the constitutional limitations over their offices. 

    • Thanks, Ira, for alerting us to this ruse by the federal government. Nixon did that in 1974 to have states comply with 55 mph, Ford imposed a helmet law, and Reagan did it when he wanted the drinking age at 21. All states complied. They had no choice unless they wanted to lose tons of federal money. Just today the far left Supreme Court took Louisiana's right away to legislate abortion. The left is really out there to curtail states rights but ever thinking person knows that. 

    • Turning against Trump, eh? Suit yourself! 

  • Each city should be forced to restore or replace what was paid for by WE the People and was meant for our posterity to learn about, to revere, or not. It is OUR history, all of ours. 

    • Hold the mayors responsible, let them pay for the damage out of their own pocket and not be bailed out by the taxpayers.  If they had no problems bankrupting Gen. Flynn, then lets bankrupt them now.

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