• Amen-Amein, he is a devout Christian Conservative Republican Patriot!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  • I just finished watching the documentry and all I can say is Wow!  I don't know how you could require any more evidence to take action. I'm going to encourage everyone I know to give 2 hours of their life to recover our nation. Nothing, I repeat nothing could be more important.


    • this documentry is far more important than the president of the United State of America


  • this video went everywhere that it should be.

  • James Scott, I don't have the raw numbers for Ga, but the absentee votes in Ga went overwhelmingly for Biden, and the two slimy Democrat Senate Candidates. In the Jan 6th runoff election, before the day of the election, they allowed them to count the mail in ballots and both Senate democrats were 10-12% ahead, before the 1st in person vote was cast. Despite that, the Republican candidate votes were ahead or at least even late at night on June 6th, then once again, suddenly in the middle of the night in Dekalb & Fulton counties, the Democrats pulled way ahead- like magic. Funny how that happened again. Dominion votes switching or tons of ballot boxes counted in the wee hours of the morning, when no one else was watching. During the election, Fulton county adjudicated ballots were 93%. I wonder who the election worker decided who that person voted for, while the Republicans poll watchers were 10 feet away. So how are 100,000 ballots adjudicated in less than 24 hours, when by law a three person panel is supposed to look at the ballots and decide the voter intent?

  • This is probably a dumb question, but did anyone analyze the mail-in votes in the key swing states to determine how many were for President Trump and how many for Joe Biden? Did the mail-in numbers correlate to the in-person voting percentages? Asking for a friend...

  • This is still running on OAN this morning!  Saturday, Feb 6!

    Email everyone you know and get them to watch, before it's gone!

  • President Trump DID NOT Do All The Great Thing He Done and Put Americans First and Then Just Walked Off Of MORE THAN 75 Million Patriots- More Like 150 Million and Growing Fast..! I am Not Stupid Enough To Even Believe Whats Been Half Assed Reported..! There Are STILL Some Fucking Bastard Commie Liars In There As Well..! Only Believe What You Can See With Your Own Two Eyes... Like This Video Proof With Mike Lindell..! They Have Treated Him Exactly Like Trump and They WILL Me and You To Brothers and Sisters - And They Are..!

  • Loren, it simple, Look who appointed John Robert's. Bush is part of the Deep State, part of the Elite class. Do you see who he hangs out with ? Clinton's, Obama's, etc. He is one of them. They pull John Robert'' chain. He is just a puppet for them. Remember what he did for Obamacare? 

    • You Are EXACTLY Right..! I Knew That and That Was The Entire BUSH CRIME FAMILY..! Just Like The Entire Biden Crime Family and Hillary Clinton Plus Obama Fraud President..! This Goes a Long Way Back..! 

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