• Need text not video 

  • Admin Dee, please provide a link to this video. We need to get this out to the conservative PACs

  • Do you have a link to this video. Everyone needs to hear it.

  • There were several sites that deled it. one of course was UTUBE and anothe I never heard of. This needs to be saved and copied but not sure how to do it. Hope Trump gets a copy of it along with all of his lawyers. 

  • Mike needs to Have a DVD of this for people that don't have a computer, but most DO have a DVD player. He could make a tidy profit from it selling for $20 or $25. I would be first in line to buy one.

    • I wonder if the Democrats would buy the DVD.


    • There are republican voters that don't know about the fraud except from what they hear from the fake news. My aunt and uncle are the biggest Trump supporters I've seen, but they don't use a computer and only have what they hear in the news and from other people. They beleive there was fraud but have never seen the evidence, so I wish there could be a DVD for them. A democrate won't believe the evidence no matter what because they won and the end justifies the means to them.

    • all they have to do is watch it on One America News Network or go online they will find it there that's what I did someone sends me the link on my phone and I watch it and when I heard that it was on One America News Network I watch it thereto.

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