• Maybe the SCOTUS is afraid of antifa, and BLM going after them.

    • it's time to put antifa and Black lives matter to rest because they are gang memeber that's it. Can you believe a gang has more power than the government that is amazing to me it should have been the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ?


    • Yes; I thought that ever since they stupidly refused to hear the stolen election case. What a bunch of mealy-mouthed cowards.


    • I'm sure of that, but that's what the headline was. This came up instead. That's been happening lately.


  • It is despicable that Fox caved into the far left extrimists when there is all this evidence that clearly shows the elections were rigged. Even Newsmax shut down Mike Lindell. It is disgusting. We the people aren't heard.

    • Unification is the answer

    • Fox's "cave" happened long before Election Day under the Left Wing repurposing of the brow-beaten Murdock boys. At Newsmax however, I'm only speculating, but a nervous legal dept could have dropped a hands-off-election-fraud memo to all on-air hosts for fear of getting swept into a now-multibillion dollar lawsuit filed by Dominion against Fox, Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. Of course, that still doesn't justify such harsh treatment of Lindell, to whom Newmax should have offered an op-out from that evening's segment.  

    • Fox cave in way before the election.

    • The defendent always gets full disclosure.

    • Good point.


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