• Jeff, what time will it be on OAN. Does anyone have a link to this video. We need to share it with all the conservative PACs.


    • wow, wow, it's getting out there that's great.

    • It's showing every couple of hours!

  • Everyone needs to watch this and share it with everyone.  This is proof positive!  I knew in my heart that there was not ANY way that a man who stayed in his basement could be elected!  We the people were compromised.  We must share.  The democrats who are good people need to fear this too because our country was under seige - we were cyber attacked!  The big brass was afraid to confront China!  Trump is the only person who has been president in my lifetime who was not afraid of China, Russia or Iran! God Bless the man and God Bless Mike Lindell!  I have put on my facebook for everyone to buy his products! I have two king size pillows, two regular size and a mattress add on which my daughter loves!  We cannot allow big tech to control our free speech and certainly not low minded people like AOC, Pelosi or the rest of those who have taken money from other countries for their own benefit!  They all need to be exposed.  Praying that the Supreme Court will over turn the fake election and President Trump can finish draining the swamp! 

    • that is so true and I did watch it on one America News this evening.


  • This really stinks.  My email shows 3 different headlines and all 3 go to the Mike Lindell story instead.  None of them headlined this story!

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