• I saw the program and it looks like the entire media doesn’t want to accept the truth that the election was stolen from the people . They are trying to show the rest of the world that we had a fair presidential election they don’t want the world we are just like Russia or China.

  • I just NOW checked and you can see the Lindell video on. Tv,, don't know for how long, SO HURRY!

  • There was a video that showed what really happened at the Capital and, of course, they took it down. It showed that the people that went in were paid actors. The whole think was staged. The blood was fake. All the people that went in played the american people. It was all so that Pelosi could rush the fake electors through congress, with few people opposing Biden as president. If they hadn't pulled off this scam on America, then the voting on the electors would have been held up for days and the truth would come out in front of all of America, showing the world the election was a fraud and they would have been exposed. It worked, didn't it?

  • Here is the video, in case one of you missed it.
  • It's in God's hands now. Really good two president''s Prophecy video. Will really lift your spirit. Hope it comes true. God is good all the time and the evil doers, the communists, the atheists, cheats, will feel the wrath of our lord.

    • I can not wait when the impeachment is done that's when Donald Trump is going around the United State of America doing his rally to show Biden is not the president of the United State of America.

    • The bad thing is biteme would probably have the NG there just to harrass President Trumps supporters.

  • I will be uploading a copy from Vimeo, for people who used to enjoy our God-given freedoms!

    It may take a while to upload, so be patient, please!

    Absolute Proof - Mike Lindell Election Documentary (FULL)

    Absolute Proof - Mike Lindell Election Documentary (FULL)
    For people who used to enjoy our God given freedoms of the first amendment online! This will be here until it is discarded by the New World Order! Al…
  • mike lindels video has been removed on all platforms

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