Engel Statement on the Firing of Inspector General Linick

On Friday, it was reported that State Department Inspector General Steve Linick had been fired. Immediately, the left pounced calling it “an unlawful act of retaliation.” The story was that Linick was conducting an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for asking subordinates to run personal errands for him and his wife.

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) said, “I have learned that the Office of the Inspector General had opened an investigation into Secretary Pompeo. Mr. Linick’s firing amid such a probe strongly suggests that this is an unlawful act of retaliation.”

 House Democrats may want to hold their fire and take a look at a report which appeared in The Washington Post on Monday.

Brian Bulatao, the State Department’s undersecretary for management, told The Post that Linick had been fired due to an alleged “pattern of unauthorized disclosures, or leaks to the news media about investigations that were in an early draft form.” According to The Post, Bulatao said that “officials had no evidence Linick was personally responsible for the leaks but that the disclosures had the potential of tainting the outcome of ongoing probes.”

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