• It is too bad that dumb woman's mother didn't have an abortion or have her tubes tied so she couldn't conceive the idiot.  That moron should be in jail.  She is advocating murder.  

  • Great argument for pro-life

  • If a pregnant woman is murdered the person that killed her is charged with a double homocide.

  • I would say that it is time to abort this stupid bitch.

  • Stupid EVIL broad

  • Not a single pro-choice person can answer if it would have been OK for their mother to have aborted them or have the doctor crush their skull at birth, or their sibling’s skulls. What answer would come from them if mom had the doctor kill little brother just as he is starting to walk and talk? Yes, purely satanic and entirely oblivious.

  • Now why on earth would we expect an imbecile to know the difference between a newborn and a 2 year old?  We are pretty certain they know only what the de"mock"rat talking points and their masters tell them!

  • This person obviously does not have a mind of her own.  Just parrots what she is told to believe.  How well the devil has taught them.  God Help Us All.

  • Most educated people are really stupid—void of any common sense and high on their sense of self-worth.  

    • It's called brainwashed and our so-called educational institutions are just indoctrination of their demonic evil  agenda.

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