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ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl expressed his concern about how the general public views the press during the Trump era.

During an interview with Mediaite, Karl discussed the tense relationship between White House reporters and President Trump, something he suggested has had "negative consequences" with many Americans.

"I do believe that unfortunately, there is a big chunk of the country that believes that the press is now the resistance and I think it's really unfortunate and I think that it has negative consequences for a free press. I think it has negative consequences for our democracy," Karl told Mediaite on Thursday. "But I think that the aggressive questioning of the president, particularly now in the wake of what we've seen unfold with the pandemic is absolutely necessary. Not only justified but necessary.

He went on to walk back the harsh criticism of his CNN counterpart Jim Acosta, who he slammed in his memoir for undermining the "credibility" of the White House press corps with his "speeches" that painted the press as "the resistance."

"The events that have played out since those early days of the Trump White House have in some ways vindicated Jim Acosta," Karl said. "I think that Jim was right to be outraged that the president was declaring the free press the 'enemy of the people.' I was too. He expressed it in a more pointed way and I respect that. And frankly, if I was writing the book right now, I would probably write a little bit differently about Jim. I understand fully where he was coming from. I wouldn't have done it in the same way, I didn't do it in the same way, but I understand where he was coming from."

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  • The facts now are that the left controls or owns 90% of the US media. Their payrolls are proportional to Nielson polls ,hits and clicks combined with advertising dollars derived from leftist billionaires and political ads. Fox news after capturing 90% of all conservatives has now turned its focus to a liberal audience. Contrary to what the "Continous Non News" or  " Nothing But Crap " networks spew there are no longer any press or news agencies in the US produced or staffed by actual journalists of truth and integrity. Truth drives down market share.making it highly profitable to become the mouthpieces and talking heads of Democrats by targeting politically illiterate voters and leftist drones by telling them only what they want to hear. .

  • Jonathan Karl is like many in the press that are good at casting criticism and blame toward others but are blind to their own faults. The Press has for years treated Conservatives and Republicans with outright disdain, if not open contempt, while at the same time having a gushy love affair with the Clintons and Obama's with no liberal cause left un-lauded. Reagan was reportedly unintelligent, Bush 43 dull and uncurious, and now Trump has been treated with open contempt and hostility even before becoming President. The difference is that he is the first ot call out Jim Acosta and Jonathan Karl for what they are, arrogant, self righteous, pompous cheerleaders for Democrats. They behave like jerks, asking questions that are almost always prefaced as hostile statements. I see them for what they are and I hate them for it. 

  • Seriously?.......Mediate IS THE RESISTENCE!............... The press painted themselves as traitors on their own and It's way too late for them to  SAVE THEIR LYINGSELVES!!!!

    The resitence covering for the resistence...........TOO FUNNY!!............Peacful Protesters my ass when COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONISTS is the reality of it,

  • Excuse ME‼️. It's only negative to dumb and evil democrats! 
    To me, and other Trumpers, it's great to see how it turns people off and causes them to vote for Trump!

  • Without a doubt the press is on the democrat side!

  • All the press is in bed with the Demoncrats

  • The majority of the press IS the resistance!  Report facts and leave your bias out of it!

  • When the mainstream media (MSM) constantly paints a negative picture of America... defaming our heritage, its heroes, and glorious past, it is no wonder the public would eventually polarize, with many believing the MSM is nothing but the PROPAGANDA ARM OF THE INSURGENCY and insurrection occurring in America today. 

    The MSM indeed has become the visible and titular head of rebellion and TREASON... and rightfully so.  It may never recover from its betrayal of our heritage and national pride.  The MSM has no idea how vile they have become and how hated they are by many in their audience. 

    I fear they have just begun to discover their error... and its effects on the people are beginning to hold the media's attention and perspective on the adversarial relationship they now have with their audience and our historical culture. 

  • America no longer has a unbiased free press!!  The press is controlled by the Communist Demoncratic Party!!

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