MSM censorship aka "controlling the narrative"

ABC News legal analyst and co-host of “The View” Sunny Hostin said on Friday’s broadcast it is “despicable” that “right-wing truth assassins” are trying to hide America’s history of slavery.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Nikole Hannah-Jones is a Pulitzer Price winning journalist for her work on the 1619 Project, The New York Times series that traces American history of Slavery. She is also a professor at the University of North Carolina who was set to be granted tenure — which is for life, as you might know — but after pushback from conservatives, she was offered a five-year contract instead…UNC said their board of trustees had nothing to do with denying her tenure. Really? Are you buying that, Sunny?”

Hostin said, “No. It’s not true. This has been dug into and researched. What’s so interesting, Joy, is she’s the first night professor at UNC to be denied tenure. We know what this is about. This is about the right-wing truth assassins that don’t want people to know about the truthful history, the uncomfortable truthful history about this country. I think it’s shameful. You hear so much about cancel culture from people on the right, from these conservatives, what more kind of canceling exists than squashing freedom of expression in academia?”

She added, “Tenure is supposed to be there to protect professors, to protect their academic work from politicization. This is exactly what has happened here. I think it’s so despicable that people want to hide the truth about this country’s history in this way. I’m saddened by what happened here.”

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  • Sunny girl is a first-class idiot.

  • As a part Native, Freedman and Just a plain ole' AMERICAN (First)- I was Taught That "How smooth must be the Language of The White Man (government), when they can make RIGHT look like WRONG, and WRONG look RIGHT- BlackHawk, Sauk

  • Stupid asshats don't know that slavery was here 100 years BEFORE 1619 so 1619 is nothing more than a load of CRAP, PERIOD!

  • Hey Behar and Hostin, you left wing nut jobs.  It ain't us right wingers who are toppling history telling statues and assaulting the freedom of dissenting opinions.  And It ain't us who are burning buildings, assaulting police and teaching our kids that all white people are racists, supremists or both.

  • Hey stupid joyless Behar, and suniless Hostin, slavery is not now nor has it ever been hidden (well at least since I was in school; I graduated from HS in 1968) in schools.  But you both are so stupid, you probably didn't pay any attention to American History.  Actually I doubt if either of you even have been educated.  You talk like an ignoramous. 

  • how soon until the life and story of moses/exodus is excluded from the bible for it shows the israelites being slaves in egypt [african nation] for 400 years

  • I am not a college educated person.  I do have a pretty good knowledge of history and what 200 years of people fighting and dying for this country means.  We are letting this country becoming a melting pot of people that want to destory America.  The best and most productive country in this world.  The government has open the borders to the world and are letting any and all bad, sick and sorry people to cross the river.  We have a muslim in congress that is anti American. We have blacks in congress that think they need money because of our treatment of the Negro in the pass. We have people in government that think it is ok for boys to be girls and girls to be boys.  Teacher teaching primary schools students to hate whites and that whites are racist.  We need someone to organize a protest in DC at the Capital calling for Biden and Harris removal.  

  • If memory serves me correctly it was the democrats who orginally had slaves, and the Republicans went to war to free them. Plus I had a liberal doctor once tried to tell me that the orginal democrats  were racist, but when Johnson signed the civil rights act, the democrats who wanted slaves became Republicans. How about that line of crap??

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