While Wednesday's CBS Evening News was the only broadcast network to mention that Lieutenant General Michael Flynn's unmaskers had been exposed after two Republican senators released the evidence, anti-Trump White House correspondent Paula Reid downplayed the significance of the three-page list of names. She also stepped up to defend presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, whose name appeared on the list most recently.

CBS tucked the latest Flynn case revelation into a one-minute brief following a coronavirus report very critical of President Trump. “Well, Margaret, unmasking is when a senior government official requests to know the identity of the U.S. citizen in an intelligence report. It's something that happens thousands of times a year,” Reid declared to downplay the significance of what was exposed.

Reid eased into acknowledging that Biden’s name was among those who requested to unmask Flynn, and insinuated that those outraged by it were just toeing the Trump administration line.

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  • we are living in a delusional state of mind ever since Obama became the president and that's the result of it.

  • corrupt-news-media3.jpg?fit=650%2C494&ssl=1

  • Imagine all the jail cells filled up with judges, politicians and hacks that perpetrated this giant hoax on Americans........nearly 3 years of faux impeachment while they knew there was no basis.....yet that vile bum Schiff continued to lie about proof and collusion.  Brennan a muslim in charge of OUR CIA??? ...was illegally spying on Trump staffers etc, Comey.........a rotten liar with false dossiers and protecting Clinton constantly ....all need jail time.  Flynn became the fall guy as did Stone  and others.  The leftists were exactly TRANSFERING THE CRIMES THEY WERE DOING ONTO TRUMP. Biden's entire family were talking money from China, and Ukraine........and the idiots in the dem party think this street bum from Delaware should be in the WH???.......Of course so they can tell the dummy what to do.  Biden like Obama are tools of foreign entities, the UN, CAIR, AZTLAN, BLACK PANTHERS, WHO, UNESCO.........ETC .  Their globalist, socialist plans are death to Americans.  This Chinese pandemic is a warning how depending on foreign entities is dangerous..........will Americans wake up......we'll see??

  • The Main Stream Media are total liars. Flynn is innocent. We must expose the judge who refused to free Flynn by discharging it.  This will force President Trump to pardon Flynn.  

  • MSM is ther enemy!

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