• I blame the total government, Rs as well as Ds as they are all deep state & been in there far too long & the devil is in total control of everyone of them

  • He is one sick evil creep

  • So, not only did Barry Soetoro supposedly win the 2008 Presidential Election but his VP Bribem Joe Biden supposedly won 2020 ! The fact that there was not immediate action taken implies complicity among


  • In front of the world with no fear of condemnation. Chinese & Russian money can buy him anything, children, fake respectability, a stolen presidency. 

  • there is a new Video of President Reverend Henry Kane dong the same thing recently.. 
    Fortunately Jill wasnt around to stop him...

  • I am speechless and no words.

  • While growing up, children used to refer to people such as Biden as Snarks, "old men who go around sniffing little girl's bicycle seats!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • SNERDS go around sniffing Bike seats, then as they age they become skirt sniffers.....then as old men they sniff womens hair ONE REALLY WARPED SICKO as president who belongs in an institution................ NOT THE WHITE HOUSE

  • That Hunter Biden Russians stole his laptop video didn't get much liberal news attention. Can you imagine if it was Trump Jr while dad was President. We would've never heard the end of it. Being shamelessly hypocritical seems to be the cool thing in liberal logic land.

  • joe dementia is disgusting, corrupt, and mentally deficient.  he DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!  I just saw a video clip, again, of him saying he has the most intricate and inclusive vote fraud system ever.

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