• What the hell !!!

  • The demoKKKrats are nothing but treasonous scum now!

    • I thot for a second that Senator Manchin might lead the way, but NAH, lasted a week before he sold out!

  • This whole country is going down the tubes, sadly

  • What a F U mess

  • One of the main reasons that I tell the Repulican party to go F off when they call for donations.  I'll donate to specific candidates but not to the party in general because they're only Repulicans in name and sure as H    not in actions.  As soon as they start getting a set of B   s and actually standing up for the people that elect them; things MIGHT start to turn aournd.  Until them just grab your ()*&^*&^ and hang on for more stupidity.

    • You have reprated to a tee, my exact take on donating to my Republican Party.  I won't give them a dime but I will select the candidate of my choice.

  • Where is the GOP... on this issue...  It sure is not ahead of the problem. The GOP leadership is in fact sold out to the 'new world' order. They stand in direct opposition to Pres. Trump and his Make America Great Again policies. Make no mistake the GOP's leadership has abandoned its base and conservative planks... and embraced a progressive view and the New World Order. It should be quite obvious that the GOP leadership deliberately ignored the massive corruption and election fraud... failed to challenge it and basically anointed Joe Biden as President.

    One has to ask why the GOP leadership abandoned its base and aligned with the progressive movement... the answer is they have invested their political future in the New World order and stand in direct opposition to the Make America Great policies of Pres. Trump. It is overtly obvious that the Deep State is heavily vested in the GOP leadership and that the SWAMP is a bipartisan operation created to shackle the US to the New World Order... President Trump however threw a great big monkey wrench into their plans and disrupted their goals to scuttle the USA for a NEW WORLD ORDER... an order where they and a few elite politicians rule the world from their Ivory Towers...

    We can expect that all the audits will do is confirm the fraud... while, assuring the people the NEXT ELECTION WILL BE DIFFERENT... if you believe that I have some oceanfront property for sale in Arizona and a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale. The GOP leadership needs to be totally removed from their seats of power... they have proven to be the problem, not the solution. Should Pres. Trump get a second term the first thing he needs to do is purge the federal and state government of all the seditionist and treasonist accolade of the progressive movement... the RINO's and fence-sitters must go. We need major election reforms that strip the political party's of their power to control who can run for office in the General Election... we must remove all political appointees from holding key positions in our electoral system... The Secretary of State and his key subordinates need to be held criminally accountable for any election fraud that knowingly occurs under his watch.

    Until we have secure and open elections... that hold the supervisors of elections criminally accountable for election fraud, we will continue to have a corrupt system of political parties running our governments... federal, state, and local. I don't look for any real change to occur from the audits... they will be used to appease the public as eye candy to make it appear real change is happening.

    • Yes Sir, you are absolutely correct!  Now how do we organize to do what is necessary????


    • 100 percent correct Ronald A. Nelson. They all need to be removed, that includes all Ds & Rs. They are greedy for money & power & do not give a darn about the US. This is why no matter what Trump did, the Rs & Ds were all against him & worked behind his back to destroy his plans. Our elections have been corrupt for many years. 

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