• They hate usa

    • The left certainly does.  For the real enemy, the globalist bankers and corporate executives it's just business.

  • Blow me we are going to be ove with befor next election 

    • Could well be true.  That's how they like to do it, put in the fix before the game begins.

  • The President of the United States can declassify documents. So, how could Trump have any documents that were not declassified yet? Why would he take them before declassifying them? Do they really think that Trump and we are that stupid?

    • Whether we are stupid, or not is not the issue.  We are powerless to stop them.  That's the salient point and as they control all the media, their point is the only point, the only assertion that is ever heard.  

    • Yes. Absolutely. But you have to admit there’s a lot of people with TDS who ARE actually stupid enough to believe the BS. Most likely they wear masks outside after getting boosted 3 or 4 times too.

    • Certaintly, but you know my guess is most of them are liberals and "Woke" progressives.  Some are just really scared.  I still see them today waking around with masks.  Of course who knows why people do so many things?  Mind you, I wouldn't want to have to argue against there being stupid people.  Smile.

  • That's simply the current, accepted interpertation of the law as it stands.

  • This corrupt move by the FBI and DOJ I believe they have shot themselves in the foot. Made Trump even stronger.

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