Christina Pushaw, Governor Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, is an extremely effective communicator. For example, on Saturday, Pushaw managed to cut through the smog of lies that Democrats use to claim that they’re not teaching Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) in America’s schools. She did this by publishing incredibly foul, race-based math homework that is on the curriculum in Missouri public schools.

Every since conservative Americans discovered, mostly thanks to the Zoom classrooms that Fauci’s lockdowns forced on America’s schools, that their children are being taught Critical Race Theory precepts (Blacks are victims; Whites are evil), Democrats have been denying that CRT exists in schools. They must because, as Glenn Youngkin’s election victory in Virginia showed, parents, both Black and White, don’t like having their children taught such an awful message.

Ron DeSantis is fighting the toxic material leftists are inserting into children’s education, whether it’s the fiction of transgenderism or CRT. On Saturday, a Democrat Florida State Representative sounded a hysterical note about the changes DeSantis is making.

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  • I live in Missouri. Which school district(s) in my state is/are using this garbage? I want to take action against it, but I need to know where it is being used. "A Missouri School District" is too vague to help me target the source. There are 226 school districts in Missouri and 2,406 public schools, with 66,248 teachers supposedly teaching 917,900 students (K-12). That's an aveage teacher/pupil ration of 1 teacher for every14 students. Missouri is spending an aveage of $9,597 per pupil per year and has an 85.7% graduation rate. I want to know where the poisen is in this system!! Please tell me where this information (in the above story) comes from and what Missouri school board to take action against!

    • The Teachers are just minions, the real people to go after are the Bloat at the top! One Western State actually had more Superintendants and District Senior Administrators than actual Teachers in the field!  Some Facts on your State: This is the last they Officially Published so who knows now?

      Exerpt: 2021 Missouri Teacher Salaries:

      Lowest: Grandview School District - $36,631.61 to $151,542.00

      Highest: Pattonville School Distric - $59,060.00  to $264,900.00

      Missouri ranks 50th in the nation for educators' average starting salary, just imagine what the District Mangers, Superintendants and Administrators are earning!   

      Public pay: Government and teacher salaries for St. Louis-area and Missouri
      See what police officers, teachers, elected officials and other government workers make.
  • Such evil things ( I don't believe they fit the description of human) obsessed with teaching our children what the parents should teach in their own way.  Time for the ED dept to be abolished.

  • That tripe the "Show me" state does not need to show.

  • This is terrible.  What kind of teacher would be pushing this nonsense.  I vaguely has to do with math, but it is truly disgraceful. Floridians should be so glad they have DeSantis and his people standing up for them.  Fire this teacher immediately and any others that pass this nonsense off as math.

  • This is horrendous, and the whole DEPT OF ED, has to be abolished.  Home school your kids, it's the only way now.  Find a few retired folks in the area and have them work with the kids to teach them American ways and our history.  This perversion has to be outlawed.  It won't under Biden Sucks government, but it is now time we stand up and say "NO MORE".  I am 65, soon to retire, and I will gladly accept kids to my home and teach them right verses wrong.  And clearly this is sick and wrong.  American Elders - we need to help and protect our youth.  Can we start a club, a movement where we teach our children math englsh and the constituion?  I would work very hard to help our youth learn the America we grew up and NOT this!

  • That teacher is still employeed by the system?   The BD of ED should all be recalled and the teacher fired and charged with child endangerment.  


  • Unbelievable.  Any teacher handing out such an assignment should immediately be fired and put in jail for child abuse.  I hope the parents of those students take action to stop that terrible teaching.

  • Q: If Twisha, working as an underage prostitute had sex with 12 Johns per night and earned $40 from each, how much money would Twisha have?

    A: None her Pimp takes it all!

    Q: If Nancy Pelosi earned an average Federal salary of $160,000 per year, and she's been an elected politician for 37 years, How is she worth $200 million?

    A: Insider Trading! 

    • Nancy seems to think she is so ethical.  Time for her to be voted out of office.

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