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The Status Quo Preps for the ‘Great Reset’ Via Intense Propaganda

2020 has been a wild ride and during the last ten months, the world moved in lockstep in order to avoid the coronavirus outbreak. The government’s reaction to Covid-19 created a different world and the global economy has seen better days. During our last report concerning the IMF’s call for a “new Bretton Woods moment,”’s findings discovered some of the “great reset” doctrines. The great reset concept is very similar to George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel 1984, and some believe the subject is a borderline ‘conspiracy theory.’

For instance, a website called has been floating around the web catching people’s attention this year. Additionally, a Youtube video published by the Corbett Report offers a guide to the so-called reboot. The great reset conversation is also quite topical and discussions can be found on many social media avenues like TwitterReddit, and Facebook.

Likewise, websites like the have sparked intense speculation about an upcoming financial reset where the global elite forcefully invoke the ‘fourth industrial revolution.’ The coronavirus measures coupled with purported climate change and statist propaganda are considered the primers of this great reset concept.

In fact, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been promoting the concept for years, and back in November 2016, the WEF tweeted about eight predictions for the year 2030. The WEF 2030 prediction tweet describes a world where, “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” and the short clip says that everyone will rent everything they need. The prediction quote from the tweet originally stems from a member of Danish parliament, Ida Auken.

Ever since the #greatreset hashtag started trending again this week, people have also been responding to the 2016 WEF tweet. Today, the WEF website and its founder Klaus Schwab are still heavily promoting this idea.

“Do we aim to get back to where we were before, or should we take the opportunity to make society fairer, smarter and greener, and get humanity off the road to climate catastrophe – a ‘great reset’?” one of the WEF’s reboot editorials states. The editorial is the subject of Klaus Schwab’s book called: “Covid-19: The Great Reset.” The book describes how the virus disrupted both economic and social infrastructure and “what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward.”

Moreover, the publication Time Magazine has dedicated a lot of time to get its readers to understand the great reset as well. Time has partnered with the WEF and hosts a whole section towards the reset ideas. Similar to the book and WEF’s stance, Time’s new collection of great reset editorials discuss topics like the coronavirus, climate change, and reimagining capitalism.

The Elite’s Great Reset Doctrine Is Considered an Advance Toward a New Type of Political Globalism and Fascism Not everyone is too keen on the great reset concept, and there’s a number of hit pieces against the idea trending on the web. For a case in point, an editorial published by the publication, Winter Oak, calls the new trend Schwab’s “fascist reset.”

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  • At the behest of their commander in chief our brave and true patriots fought and died to often for what sometimes turned out to be a lie when they were not allowed to win. A disgrace to our men of honor. War is hell and let it not be taken lightly.

  • It's the loss of all personal freedom. It's a betrayal of those American warriors that gave their all to keeping this country free. It's the fruition of a long, long time goal of the communists, it's slavery, it is the loss of personal property, it's the loss of religious freedom, ie, HOPE &FAITH. It's a version of Hitler's Final Solution in it's population reduction agenda...and worse!  This is the hill to die on folks.

  • Ladies, What this does "issss" puts you barefoot,pregnant,and in the kitchen.

  • Wen need to head to Manhatten and pull a Bengahzi on the U.N...........................YESTERDAY!

    We need to do it because.................we saw a video on youtube!!

  • Hell yes!!

  • The ignorant have already been reset.

    • And that's so sad.


    • and so true.

  • They can talk all they want. We don't need anything from the UN. Or the "WEF" take your propaganda elsewhere. WE Ain't BUYING!

    • Ditto here. 

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