I have been in this struggle for decades... and have watched my country rapidly approaching the abyss while our leaders look the other way... that includes Pres. Trump.  He has failed to act DECISIVELY to turn our ship of state around. Too, put it back on the steady course our forefathers charted in 1776. I have posted over 17,000 articles and comments on this site alone, most are positive,  However, I have recently soured on promises not kept... by a man I once held in high esteem and expectation. A man that I thought would drain the Swamp...  A giant among men who would be our Bull in a China Closet ... just what God ordered.  Oh, was I ever so wrong?

With all Pres. Trump knew... and the intelligence sources he has,  he managed to fail America in this most critical of elections... and if he continues to ignore the lawlessness and its depth, and yes, his Constitutional duty to TAKE CARE that the laws be faithfully executed, he will be signing the death warrant for our Nation... He alone must act by declaring Martial Law.  He alone must order the arrest of thousands of Marxists and their dupes who hold high office in our States and Federal Government... He alone is the only one capable of rounding up the insurrectionist, seditionist, and treason holding high office in our government.  There will be no coming back from the abyss if he is replaced by Joe Biden the great experiment in individual liberty known as America will be over. America will never... NEVER... see another honest election and the Marxist and Globalist will never allow anyone like Pres. Trump to hold the Office of President again.

That is why I have been so adamant and critical of Pres. Trumps' failure to manage his staff and to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. He couldn't even manage to arrest and prosecute Hillary Clinton for her outrageous criminal conduct. So, yes I felt BETRAYED and grossly disappointed, and no I won't sugar coat how I perceive the situation nor will I cozy up to the President. I hoped to shame him into action, that did not work. He is naked, the Emporer has no clothes, when it comes to law enforcement and SAVING OUR REPUBLIC FROM A MARXIST COUP he is naked.  I know he is for all practical purposes alone but that is much to his own making.. he needed to get a handle on his staff EARLY ON... and he needed to purge out the poison of the deep state from day one... instead he invited it in.

Well, there is still a chance that our President can pull this out... very slim but a chance.  It will take a miracle to get it thru a vote in the House... any challenge of the electoral vote is likely DOA as both Houses must approve any disqualification of electors.  Martial Law is our only hope. It is justified given the massive corruption and open fraud used to steal the election... it is so blatant that the people know and are totally outraged over our Courts and political leaders refusing to admit they failed us and allowed our electoral system to be destroyed. Go Mr. President... declare Martial Law and round up the criminals in high places... Save America from itself.

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    • Michael, the devildemocommiecrats want us disarmed so we can't oppose their planned take over!!!!!

    • Yeah, but what they want is not necessarily what they will get.

    • Vandalism and arson are not acts of war... these insurance companies are becoming as crooked as the politicians they feed our premiums to in order to pass laws permitting them to get out paying for losses to property. 

      First, for it to be an act of war ... War must be declared... we are not at war. 

      Next, acts of insurrection must be proven as insurrection and not vandalism... to do that the GOvernment must at least charge someone with insurrection connected directly to your property damage.  If the insurance company refuses to pay... retain an attorney and sue them... get a class action suit started for huge bucks and stop them cold in their abuses of their policyholders. Insurance has become a racket.... a protection racket without protection.

    • AGREED.

    • All good points to remember

    • A nice rural location with really good views and lots of 2nd Amendments.

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  • There are an amazing number of traitors in this country. Trump has probably only exposed 3/4 of them. I  think that it will take a very long time to hang all of them. Tribunals also use firing squads.

  • I don't agree , this is a very simplistic judgement, do you realize that since the first second he was elected our Dear President had to face constant attacls and lies and henceforth had to waste tremendous amount of time , precious time to defend himself instead of being able to put all his energy for the sake of our extraordinary country . Concerning deep state swamp he had luckily the time to quite fire a good number of them . He is not a surhuman bionic like the man in the show " the 3 million dollar man, steve Ostins " my apology for misspeliing the actor's name. He had to face so much and even thoug he accomplished a lot for our country and the world also. Please your comment is outrageous actually , it looks like that you have no idea of his already trmendous accompliahments that was anyways faced all the time with oppositions. Our President is a human and not some sort of bionic AI powered robot with unlimited energy .... 

    • Good Leadership wares a mantel of hardship and sacrifice... Leaders must be made of steel tempered in the fire of selflessness they must be able to go where others only dare to imagine.  Pres. Trump is that Bull in a China Closet... that ignoble soul who knows instinctively what needs to be done... what happened?   Like all men, he has limits and those have been exceeded time and time again, but he has always managed to muster his reserves and with great courage, he has faced down the ever-present internal subversive power of the Deep State...

      Today, our President faces his greatest challenge ... he faces a coordinated international insurgency seeking to take down his authority and to undo all he has done to make America Great Again... the Courts both State and Federal, the political powers both Republican and Democrat, the wealthy and powerful are all targeting him for removal and destruction.. It is past time the people come along his side and prepare to give the Deep State and the Swamp a broadside they will never forget... it is time for Martial Law and the RAPID round up of thousands of deep state insurrectionist, seditionist, and agents of treason.... time to bring them to justice.

      Let us all encourage the President to remove the bad counsel he is getting... let us affirm what he knows must be done... let us demand he institute Martial Law on January 6th and immediately detain and remove the principal agents of the coup and internal insurrection taking place in America.. let him arrest the high ranking members of the federal and state government who engaged in the stealing of the November election and those who have been undermining the soverignty of our Constitutional Republic... let us applaud such action with demonstrations in every capital and major city in the Nation... demanding the wholesale resignation of mayors, counsels, and governors... of members of Congress and the State and Federal Judiciary... of SCOTUS and all those who have violated their oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.

      We are proud of our President and his quest to Make America Great Again to restore our pride and hope in the greatest nation ever to exist in this world... let us now renew the guarantee that our children and grandchildren will have the same opportunity to reap the benefits of our American system of government by restoring Constitutional law and rule.

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