A Democrat shares his thoughts on the RNC Convention

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A Democrat shares his thoughts on the RNC -- and makes an intriguing prediction.

I watched the second night of the Republican National Convention the same way you fall in love or go bankrupt: gradually, but then suddenly stricken by a strange and somewhat inexplicable premonition. It was this: Donald John Trump is going to win in November, and win big.

Yeah, I know all about the polls. I understand the deep distaste many Americans, including some traditional Republican voters, feel for the president. I am well aware of the criticism of his conduct in handling COVID-19, or the riots following George Floyd’s death, or any number of issues. And yet, as Trump’s first surprise election ought to have taught us by now, when it comes to modern American politics, the only principle that truly matters is the Ooga Chaka principle: We vote for the candidate who gets us hooked on a feeling and high on believing.

Last week, the Democrats used their convention to deliver three key messages: Joe Biden is a very decent person; Joe Biden is not Donald Trump, who is not a very decent person; and, being both a very decent person and not-Donald-Trump, Joe Biden is passionate about amplifying the voices of women and minorities, which is one important way to prove both your decency and your not-Trumpiness.

Who, precisely, might get hooked by these messages, and on what feeling? That Biden is a decent person is indisputable anywhere outside the airless quarters of the most quarrelsome partisans. That he shares little with the man he hopes to defeat is obvious—by now, Trump’s fans and detractors alike have very few misconceptions about the man’s character. That leaves us with the DNC’s heavy schmear of identity politics, a sentiment that doubtless resonates with the party’s educated, affluent base but says very little to those weary Americans who wonder why their cities are burning and why on earth anyone would ever want to defund the police.

The RNC, on the other hand, had a much more hearty offering on hand. It had no actors, singers, comedians, billionaires, academics, or former presidents present to offer perfectly polished paeans to character. Instead, it had people of faith affirming the singular importance of safeguarding the freedom of religion; immigrants affirming the notion, not controversial until very recently, that an American citizenship was an exceptional honor, not a universal right; blue-collar workers affirming the all-American reliance on small businesses, not tech behemoths; law enforcement officials affirming the foundational truth that, in America, when we disagree, we talk things over, not burn things down; and African Americans affirming the belief, central to the thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. and entirely alien to the current crop of race hustlers, that it’s the content of one’s character, not the color of one’s skin, that ought to matter.

In other words, whereas one party had the same narrow dogma repeated verbatim with very little variation, the other had—dare we say it?—diversity: of gender and of race and of experience, but also, more importantly, of interests and ideas.

This is not to say that watching both conventions will get a sizable number of voters to stop worrying and learn to love Donald Trump. But it is to say that it’s becoming increasingly more clear that the Democrats’ real problem isn’t the party’s aging candidate or its rambunctious left flank but, rather, its relationship with reality itself.

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  • joe obiden is a fecal stain on America, even his hood has stains.

  • Sure hope you have opened your eyes

  • Joe is a sick dude, and all of the Democrats in the white house.

  • Just because they say Joe is a "decent person" does not make it so. The dems believe that if they something, that makes it true.  They think the American population is too stupid to see through their fantacies.   He is a swamp creature, in politics for personal gain, need I list all his financial gains at the expense of the American people.  He could care less about "we the people".  That is the problem with too many of the democrats and some of the republicans.  You see Donald Trunp IS a descent person, he has empathy for the hard working citizens who have been robbed via wasteful gov't spending, his question is "How much is that going to cost?" as he does not want to spend with abandon on the backs of "we the people".The only reason he is a list of negative nonsense is because the dems say he is.  That doesn't make it so.   He just hits hard with the truth of government abuse.  How dare he challenge them?  They have been getting away with it for years and so have some of the republicans. Donald Trump has done more in three 1/2 years in spite of every obstacle they could think of throwing in his way, starting the day he was inaugurated than any of them have done in their multi-term careers to represent "we the people" and has them scared silly. They are so scared of being completely exposed for who they are.  They were screeching to impeach him the day after he was inaugurated.  For what?  He is exposing what a bunch of leeches they are on our society.  They were sent to DC to represent US, not to make themselves rich.  His sharp contrast in performance has exposed what a bunch of lying, lazy, thieving hypocrites they are.

    • Great comment. Trump is a really decent person who has empathy for the hard working citizens and who does not want to spend with abandon. We finally have a business man in office who understands that we can't spend more than we take in. Everyone can see how wonderful Trump has been for the USA and how great he has made it. That's why he will win with a huge landslide in November.

  • Groping Joe the sniffing shmoe is a decent man? Grab a lamp post 'cause the world is flipping upside down!

  • Whoever this Dem is, he has it ALL wrong! Biden is NOT A good man!  He is dishonest, greedy, and a true fraud! We know what happened with him in the Ukraine, as he bragged about it himself! He used American's tax dollars to get someone fired who would have otherwise been doing an honest investigation that would have uncovered Biden's son Hunter's illegal activities. And he brought Hunter to China and Hunter ended up with a huge pot of money! For what? For selling out this country to the Chinese. I remember when as vice President Biden met with Chinese leaders at the gigantic Buddhist temple in Rowland Heights California. Even the news at the time which was not sold out to the Democrats were acknowledging that they were alarmed we were all alarmed at the suspicion that Biden was giving our country state secrets to the Chinese government! And what did he get an exchange, he and his family got a lot richer with Chinese money! 
    of course he got away with it! Because Obama's government, all of the high investigative agencies that now have Obama plants at the top, and others in the know refused to do anything about it and Biden was protected even as Obama is protected, and Hillary is protected even to this day! Hopefully the day is coming soon when that protection will be taken away! And whoever wrote this column, needs to come to his or her senses and withdraw from the Democrats and join the honest and patriotic Republicans!

    • He only states that was one theme of the DNC.

This reply was deleted.