A Critical Question for First Debates

The following is an excerpt from my message to Fox News last Sunday, requesting the following question be asked Presidential Candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and of course Senators Charles Schumer and of course, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi at an opportune time: "Because law and order, and citizens' security and safety are elected government officials' first obligatory priorities; in what ways do the following Democratic Party's actions/agendas contribute to optimum realization of those obligatory priorities: harboring federal law-breakers (illegal immigrants) in so called "Sanctuary Cities"; open borders, whereby hordes of criminals and terrorists could stream into this country; deactivation of the Immigration Control Enforcement agency; and defunding Police Departments"?

All citizens deserve and have a right to demand their answer. Even though no legitimate answer exists; they think we are so stupid, no one could ever ask such a question. Imagine Joe nervously squirming and spewing his trademark ambiguous rhetoric. However, if they truthfully answered, it would be the following: "None of it is conducive to citizens' security and safety, neither law and order. It is our strategic tactics to inundate this nation with primarily Hispanics/Latinos. Because we expect them to feel obliged and eager to eventually return the favor with votes, as pay back for shenanigans that either allowed them to get here, or to remain here after coming illegally. It is one of the most devious political quid pro quo schemes ever concocted; and it shall propel us to political dominance needed to transform this nation into a Socialist Society".

Notwithstanding the preponderance of other unscrupulous actions the party’s leadership heirchy has taken, this one alone negates any trustworthiness and credibility they may have ever had; Because it is irrefutable evidence they have placed political gain above law and order, and citizens’ welfare.

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