A busload of Antifa members escorted by the police to the US Capital

 Wednesday January 6, 2021 afternoon, 

The FBI knew that  Antifa was coming in and not to say a word to the media. The DC police did nothing when Antifa moved the barriers, some of the police helped them. Antifa was set with gear to protect them, the police opened the doors to let them into the US Capital then others followed. including come of MAGA trailing in behind. Antifa members started to destroy windows and articles inside, then left, leaving the MEGA followers inside looking lost.

This whole thing was planned by the radical left, they hired Antifa to distract the Republicans so that they could keep what they have done, to get their votes needed to win. just like everything the Democrats do things go wrong 4 people were killed during this crazy show that they put on... they will never take the blame, they just pass it on to the innocent people instead. 

Notice how Trump called them out [antifa] and warned patriots to stay away from them? oh, you didn’t know? Probably because Twitter and Facebook deleted his tweets. They removed his video telling people to go home. But do you know whose tweets they left up? The POS GOPe calling the patriots outside ‘violent thugs’ without a single mention of Antifa being there.

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