• "Hey, Repubs in Congress, YOU are just as guilty for where we are as the Democrats. Let's name some names, shall we? Which Repubs do YOU think helped sell this country out? I'll go first....

    George Bush #1. Your turn!"

    The Senate sweethearts, Mitch McConnel and Lindsay Graham adds up to a whole one (guess which darling is the top).

    But if we can include the recently departed, then the Hanoi Songbird himself, Senator John McCain, heads the list offhand., 

    • When it comes to morons, songbirds and hypocrites RINO McCain was in a class all by himself.  The good news is that he is still dead.

    • Yeah, he was pretty prolific treasonous-wise.

  • Creepy Joe is pushing us towards a true Civil War!

  • I never thought I would ever see so much independent thought and clarity coming out of the Tea Party, much less a Tea Party web page.  I always viewed the Tea Party as an instrument of the Republican Party.  You know how that works.  It's sort of like blacks and the Democratic Party.  Democrats only think about the blacks when it's election time while Republicans only think about conservatives at election time.  It's known as the RINO bait and switch.

    You see, those of us who call ourselves conservatives tend to be easy to fool, but then, it's all too easy for RINOs to look good, when the comparsion and only other choice is a Democrat.  That's how we end up with RINOs, which was an acceptable compromise once, the country club interests over the scourge of Marxist Democrats.  Not so much anymore when the country club sells out to communist China and blatantly steals presidential elections. 

    We must raise awareness.  We need a Trump who will dismantle the treasonous nexus of Marxist bureaucrats, globalist media propaganda and communist Chinese corruption, a regular Bermuda Triangle of treasonous coup, omnipotent technology and establishment conspirarcy.  

  • Thank you for really telling it like it is, what Biden was really saying!!!

  • Waiting on the military to do their job and remove all of the Biden ilk, plus selected Democrats in Congress and Senate..   Impeachment and/or 25th amendment is too little too late


      there are no longer military in  leadership for the America we know  Obama saw to that a long time ago


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    • Well we are finding out. And this still can be done with a couple of trusty spades, a rope, and a tree. 

      Selfie time!

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