• Lopez,

    In a brief answer to your question, I carry the scars from bullets, knives, shrapnel, and the healed bones of most of those in my body. I have known the "First Names" of those who died before their time in numbers enough to fill a small town. At the place and time of any pseudo authority comes to take my "Constitutional Guaranteed Right to Carry" my firearms, there will be a pile of dead before my corpse hits the ground. You, yourself, forget that it also "Biden's Right" under the 1st Amendment to "Take a dump on Our American Flag!" In this Land of Freedom We cannot pick and choose who has what "Rights" and when. Study Our History then know Our Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution as a condition of "Ratification" to "Protect All Citizens From Its Own Governments!" Never again question the motives or courage of an American Citizen or Their Patriotic Duties. My Oath is to Uphold the Constitution Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. How many "Dying" have you held in your arms? How much "Pain" have you endured?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Suffice it to say I was a combat sgt. with the 9th Inf in 68-69 and spent the better part of 14 1/2 months on line in the Mekong Delta.  Long enough to recognize all the signs of ptsd in you.  I also was wounded, twice lightly and once not so lightly so I know how it is to get scrambled on the play.  Here's what you have to come to grips with, that's over, maybe not so much I suppose, but it is.  It's over and you're not in combat now and you won't be going back so get used to it and start living the rest of your life.  There's still plenty of fight left in you and that's a good thing because you're going to need it.  We're just finished with the killing and dying.  Stop talking trash.  Haven't you had enough?  No one is coming for your guns.  Lose the melodrama not that your guns will be much use to you in the type of fight we're in now.  Get yourself together and stop with the hyper ventilating.  I question everyone and every thing and I always have a plan to kill them too.  You should too, but you don't have to make so much noise about it.  Pain is like anything else.  It either kills you, or makes you stronger.  You pick.  The walking wounded walk out.  Depending on the availability of air support most of the others die.  You happen to be very important, more so than you probably realize.  Your experiences make you invaluable, if you can pull yourself together.  Or you can let the VA pump you full of meds until your plumbing falls out.  You're no good to anyone in the fight, if you don't take control of yourself.  What you're doing is trying to work yourself up to killing yourself, one way, or another.  All this rage and theatrics, you're trying to find out where to plug in.  None of the shit you're talking is it so stop blowing smoke.  When you're out of combat things are never quite so simple again.  You need some game.  You play for time and you have to sophisticate up and lose the jacket.  What state are you in anyway?  

  • Idiot this is the United States where government is by the people and our freedom was fought with our blood and you and no government will take our freedom away 

  • Lopez,

    Cowardly whiney slaves willing to point fingers and lay blame everywhere except on selves never hold Tyranny accountable. Only Brave Hearted Patriots willing to give their Lives and Fortunes have ever Won Against the Acts We See Conducted These Days! The "Declaration of Independence", Our " Constitution with its Bill of Rights " are just "Words on Parchment." These Words are meaningless unless the Peoples they Protect are Willing to Stand and Fight to Give Them Meaning. I am no slave. I took an Oath to Uphold the Constitution Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic. If things continue to go the way they have, and I see no indication of them changing, I fully expect to "Die Protecting Our Constitution!" However I may just Win like those Texas Boys did against Santa Anna. Lost every Battle but the "Last One, The Important One, The Decisive One." Never Give Up, Never Quit!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • So, let me ask.  How many lives have you lain down?  How many times were you wounded?  OK, how many battles did you fight in?  Let me know the next time you and your kit is actually planning on moving up to the front.  Maybe I'll move up with you?  Somehow, I just don't see you dying all red white and blue.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm wondering what provocation it might take, having seen what we 've already seen?  I mean if Biden were to deficate on a flag would that do it for you?  What exactly woudl it take?  What exactly are you and all this rhetoric waiting for?  And who exactly would you be fighting?

  • As "Citizens" it is We who are the Sovereign Rulers over All of Our Government Servants. Whenever We place blame on "Them or Those" it is We who shirk Our Solemn Duty to Uphold and Protect Our Sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights! Remember, everyone else works for us, and if they fail in their jobs, it is Ultimately We who have Given Up Control over Our Workers, and have become "Their Slaves!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I appreciate the raw emotion, but everyone sort of knows all that.  Besides the sentitment, are you actually makinmg any contribution to any effort at all to change something?

    • That's the way it was.  It no longer works that way.  Maybe you've noticed, they stole the last presidential election?  Citizens no loner have the ability to hold anyone accountable.  Dominion counts thevotes and appoints winners.

  • Yeah, but the bastard isn't making all these illegals get the jab! 

    • Some animals are more equal than others

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